Buck Rogers should be done up with the Infinity Engine

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I'm a bit old fashioned I guess, but I'd like for Buck Rogers, or some sort of science fiction, to get remade using the old Infinity Engine they used for Baldur's Gate.  Not sure how much doing that would be, though.  I'm guessing the Infinity Engine, despite it being out for a while, still has a lot of layers in between a random game designer and an actual coder.

Maybe the Neverwinter Nights thing would be better?  I guess, although I don't have a lot of love for NN's 3-D camera wrestling.

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That's a great idea.  I loved this game back in the day!  It would be neat to see a re-make.

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I rented this for the Genesis once when I was young and had NO CLUE what to do. The SSI-made games were no joke. 
I absolutely love this one now; I have the DOS version installed.

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