To the other Burger Time submitter:

#1 Posted by Mawryk (148 posts) -

My apologies for the disappearance of your blurb.  It showed up after mine  was submitted, but it seems the swamped Giant Bomb mods didn't realize yours was wittier and funnier than mine.  

#2 Posted by REforever101 (292 posts) -


#3 Posted by Theflinn (25 posts) -

its cool ill resubmit it if i remember what i wrote :)

#4 Posted by Theflinn (25 posts) -

I resubmitted and was rejected boo

#5 Posted by shaletron (4 posts) -

That was an awesome blurb. I tried resubmitting to fix my typos but rejected as well. Teach me to write at 2 am.

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