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A good game to play; however once you've played it once, thats it

Burn Zombie Burn is a game where you play as a dude(s) who look a lot like Brad or Vinny and kill zombies. It sounds like a very simple concept; after all, there are dozens of zombie killing games that are in the market nowadays. However, no zombie killing game is quite like this; with a very interesting if not slightly complex scoring system and a variety of zombies that will alter your strategy dramatically, Burn Zombie Burn is a great blast to play first time. However, after you have played it once, there is nothing new about the game, and whilst this can work with some classics, Burn Zombie Burn does not have that finesse and therefore, after a while, you will probably stop playing it.


The game seems very obvious at first glance-you have to kill zombies. If you look at it again, it seems to be a dual-stick
 This is a Rusher. They run. Fast. Be afraid.
shooter where you kill zombies. However, to do well you have to do specific things which make the fighting harder but the rewards more...rewarding.
 By killing a zombie, you get an incredibly small amouunt of points-however, the weapon that you use means you geet moe or less points from it. Normally, the riskier the weapon, the more points you get. So whilst it might be easier to get out your shotgun is serving those flesh-eating hooligans some ass-kicking, you will probably beat your score in half the time if you get out your baseball bats and smack out some home runs. The game gives you some truly great weapons, from anything as normal as your uzi and shotgun to the obscure like a brain gun or a groovitron-a disco ball thatll make your zombies dance to their doom.
 It isn't just this, however, that can earn you big score. Its title is there for a reason-you are going to have to burn a few zombies if you want to get a top score before the cows come home. Whilst burning some zombies multiply your score by however many zombies are currently burning, the zombies become faster, and the fire spreads, meaning that you may have a few too many superspeeding zombies anally raping you than you originally planned. 
And, of course, the variety of zombies that you will be fight increase the amount of ways you can be killed. Want to get hammered by a dude that would be the zombie equivalent of Chuck Norris (no, sadly they do not roundhouse kick)? Burned in a pile of toxic sludge? Bombed? It is, of course, your choice how you do not want to die.
 Overall, it is a great risk-versus-reward mechanic; and whilst you can get there nice and easy, some dude next door just destroyed you high score by flamethrowering a few zombie then slicing them with a chainsaw.


 The graphics are slightly comical and fun. Its all very cartoony; when you shoot a zombie, they'll get sliced in half, with red blood splattering over
 You see right, a group of dancing zombies are gonna come and pwn your noobish ass.
the ground (I know, fun, right?), and the ground will soon be completely littered with zombie heads, legs, and carpets of blood. The main character has a slightly cheesy grin on his face, which work with his slightly strange one-liners when you start the killing spree, which include stuff like 'I came here to chew bubble gum and kill zombies, and I'm all outta gum'.
 You pretty much have two pieces of music within the game playing constantly-which, admitt edly, are quiet eerie and strange and work pretty well with the games overall atmosphere-but if you want to play a game over and over again, you do not want to hear the same, hypnotising drones over and over again. The gun shots sound pretty good and different for most weapons.


And here we have the dile
For no mere mortal can resist...the evils of the thriller.
mma. There is very little replayability within Burn Zombie Burn, most likely you will be playing the game for a few hours then stop for a long time, if not ever. The game gets repetitive fast, and everything good about the game eventually becomes tedious after some time. Although there are a fair few modes, they mostly revolve around the same thing, unless you are playing with friends, which makes the game a bit more enjoyable. Its great fun moaning at your friend be cause he stole my health or blew my little Vinny-like character into a grave of doom.
  Other than that, once you die, its over, and every time you die, you do almost exactly the same thing again, and again, and again. There is no advancing in the game, so you are going to have to do almost the exact same thing, which ends up being just frustrating. Even if you fight dancing zombies and exploding zombies instead of radioactive dudes, it makes a very slight difference to your enjoyment of killing creatures that come in search of blood to terrorise yours neighbourhood.

So...a decent game?

 I pity the fool in that bundle of zombies
Yes, a decent game. The game has a very intricate and balanced mechanic that is interesting for a while, but becomes boring and repetitive fast. I would recommend you to buy this game if you need a few hours to kill, because it will kill that time very quickly-its just that you will never do it again unless you have a friend with you.
Posted by gingertastic_10

Good review. I like your style of writing in this.

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