So... anyone picking this up?

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I've heard nothing about this game in awhile and have no clue if any other Giant Bombers care. Is anyone going to pick this up tomorrow?

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I may pick up the thanksgiving Vita bundle that includes the game for $200, I'm not too excited about it but I'll give it a shot.

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HELL NAW. Here's a handy list of stuff this game has/doesn't have:

  • The game will run at 30 frames per second. According to Nihilistic, the game will be “Locked at 30fps the vast majority of the time. All games of course can drop frames when action gets insane, so I can't say 100%.”
  • Zombies mode is not in the game because only “Activision and Sony can greenlight” the mode. Nihilistic says they pitched the idea and would love to do it but that it's just not their call.
  • The player count is set up 8 because that's the amount of players Sony's Party application supports.
  • Nihilistic cannot confirm if voice chat will be in the game (outside of party chat). Judging by the tweets, it's not in the game.
  • Wager matches will not be in the game.
  • There are no bots.
  • Hostiles, the mode where you have to survive against waves of enemies, is singleplayer only. There are five hostiles missions.
  • There are no killcams.
  • The multiplayer features 34 weapons and 6 pieces of equipment.
  • There are 10 levels of Presitge. Nihilistic is looking into making it 15 with a patch.
  • You cannot control any kill steaks (like shoot out of a helicopter).
  • There are six multiplayer maps. There currently are no plans for DLC.
  • No Gold Camo for guns.
  • You'll be able to set clan tags.
  • The Emblem Creator is not available.
  • Five preset classes, five custom classes and 1 class that can be shared via Near. Prestige Mode doesn't add more custom classes.
  • Activision started developement about one year ago, Nihilistic was brought in “shortly thereafter”
  • There are seven different killstreaks (Spy Plane, Care Package, Counter-Spy Plane, Mortar Strike, Sentry Gun, Adv. Spy Plane, Attack Helicopter)
  • No theater mode.
  • There are five multiplayer modes (Team DM, Kill Confirmed DM, Drop Zone, Free-for-all, and Team Tactical (shuffle other modes)).
  • Inviting friends works like this: You have to invite a person to your party (the app) and from there he/she can click to join your game.
  • Tomahawk, crossbow and ballistic knife are available
  • There is no hardcore mode.
  • Mini-map, radar and prone stance are supported.
  • No ragdoll psysics.
  • No gun camos at all.
  • No akimbo mode (dual wielding two of the same weapon).
  • There are leaderboards.
  • Quickscoping is more like Black Ops and not like Black Ops 2.
  • No support for CoD Elite.
  • The dolphin dive is not in the game.
  • There are Challenges but no contracts.
  • No Pro-Perks.
  • Animations are “very similar” to the console versions.
  • Red dot and ACOG. No holographic sights.
  • You cannot change the design of the red dots in your sight.
  • No camera spike (the thing you could place in MP to overview a part of the map you're not really looking at)
  • Tomahawk is closer to the one in Black Ops (not like Black Ops 2)
  • Nihilistic says the graphics are the “best [they've] seen on Vita”
  • ”The graphics are far better than what was shown in the Gamescom trailer.”
  • No Ghili suits for snipers.
  • Nihilistic is nearly certain there won't be an online pass.
  • There is a killfeed on the lower left.
  • The game doesn't use the same engine as Resistance, “although some underlying tech is shared”
  • Private matches are not customizable “to the degree they are in the console versions”. That means: You can select a game type and the number of players but nothing else, it seems.
  • No C4 equipment in MP.
  • Full weapon list for Multiplayer: Carbine (aka Commando), AK47, M16, Galil, M14, FAMAS, MP5K, Uzi, AK74u, PP19, RPK, M60, Stoner, l96a1, Dragunov, SPAS-12, Striker, ASP, Python, Skorpion, CZ75, Mac11, Strella, China Lake, RPG, Underaction Launcher, Balliastic Knife, Crossbow, Tomahawk, Frag, Semtex, Bouncing Betty, Flashbang.
  • No motion sensor attachment or decoy.
  • Weapon upgrade in multiplayer: Weigh Balance, Improved Grip, Adj. Stock, Quickdraw Handle, Ext. Barrel, Tactical Knife, Bipod, Underaction Grenade, Ext. Mag., Suppressor, Rapid Fire, Red Dot, ACOG.
  • You can still level up weapons: Primary weapons have 20 level, secondary 10.
  • Full list of perks: Sleight of Hand, Lightweight, Hardline, Jammer, Cold Blooded, Fast Hands, Hardwired, Toughness, Dead Silence, Flak Jacket, Surplus, Marksman.
  • Names of the Maps: Nuke House, Shattered, Range, Rocket, Container, Intel
  • All maps are new but inspired by old maps.
  • No AI teammates in the singleplayer.
  • Trophies are all tied to Singleplayer.
  • No Cod points.
  • There are three difficulty settings for singleplayer: Regular, Hardened and Veteran.
  • Team assignments are automatic, even inf private matches! They talked about “auto-assigning matching clan tags“ and say they'll „explore that possibility“.
  • No death streaks.
  • There are 10 operation missions (the singleplayer), they'll be a mix of Spec Ops and Campaign missions.
  • Kills from killstreaks stack.
  • There are no ladders you can climb. Wut?
  • There is host migration.

It's a shame since the idea of a portable CoD was appealing to me, but I'll be skipping this.

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@FluxWaveZ: Well that sucks. Also it's $50, $10 more than the standard Vita game price.

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I played a build of the game during a press event and I can confirm that there is voice chat. Other than that, you're spot on. Man, I can't believe this game is 50 bucks. Screw that.

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