So, how is "dedicated servers for everyone" working out?

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Because I already saw a host-migration in the quick look. Is it only for certain modes, or does the entire game really have dedicated servers? Anyone noticing lag? Are the dedicated servers coming later in an update?

What's the deal, here?

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I haven't been able to 'see' any dedicated servers.

Is it because I downloaded the game from steam?

Only reason I bought is so that I could join clan servers or

as in the other COD games, direct connect to the IP using the ~ key.


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I've been getting shot around corners all day.

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nope. I'm still getting the usual "I shot him twice then died and deathcam says I'm standing there doing jack shit" thing

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damn players they are too good in the game i am always shot dead whenever i'm looking for opponents :(

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So, anyone seen official word on the dedicated servers issue after launch? Any game journalists calling Activision to task for this?

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Nobody seems to be questioning the lack of dedicated servers in the forums. Since the marketing indicated dedicated servers, I think buyers have a valid refund reason. I know I bought it for the dedicated servers....

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Gears did the same exact thing in both Gears 2 and 3. "We're adding dedicated servers for everyone!" Cut to 2 weeks after launch: Only ranked playlists have dedicated servers.

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I would love for more light to be shed on this.

If this can be baited and switched, who is to say that it can't happen on the next gen versions? The only reason I was planning on buying a One at launch was because I thought I was going to get to play Ghosts on dedicated servers with "prettier than the 360" graphics. And with Mark Rubin's announcement of dedicated servers being available on current gen as well, I was planning on buying the 360 version.

Now, I am having second thoughts on buying a launch One AND Ghosts at all. Not to mention, many launch games aren't even going to be running at 1080p. I might as well beef up my PC?

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Netcode is significantly and consistently worse than any other game in the series. The amount of time past getting around a corner past which I still die on average is what the maximum would've been in some other games. Honestly I'm wondering if this game just straight-up was built on next-gen consoles first and then downscaled to fit on PS3/360, because I just can't see how the amount of people working on this could produce something that's just straight-up less polished than Modern Warfare 3, especially since it's all the same teams (as far as I know).

Also as an aside, whoever decided that you can pick any perk from any tree but only get 1 non-lethal grenade is a fucking idiot, makes TDM a giant camp-fest because there's no sacrifice for going multiple stealth persk and the ability to actually breach and clear rooms that people are camping in is practically non-existent because you simply don't have enough grenades.

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Seems the same to me. I see a fair number of host migrations and the kill cam always seems to show me a different reality from what I was playing

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I don't there is dedicated servers. I've seen multiple host migrations and the lag seems to be pretty bad. I'm constantly getting shot around corners as well.

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I have yet to get shot around a corner and I have experienced no lag except for one game right before everyone disconnected. To be fair though I'm on some pretty speedy university internet.

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I know that it's been nothing but a swarm of complaints about the game from everyone coming into my work. Most of the kids ( odd as this is to say...they play nothing but Call of Duty, so I know they know what they are talking about) have noticed the ridiculous amounts of bullshit and lag within the game, and we're running on a 20gbps fiber line. We know it's not us that is the problem.

Overall, it just seems like the whole thing is rather poorly built, which is hard for me to believe when you have Raven's name attached to this fucker as well. Those guys produce quality shit (Singularity and Wolfenstein come to mind).

Also, is Sledgehammer attached to this? Curious where that team is at now...

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These issues are precisely why I did not purchase Ghosts. I always defended Call of Duty and always spent hundreds of hours playing the multiplayer, but after these issues not getting fixed for multiple games now I can't take it anymore. With each game the BS seems to get worse. With the dying around corners, terrible spawns, and shooting people with an entire clip only to have them turn around and kill me instantly the game is just not fun anymore.

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@spaceinsomniac: I've played a couple weeks worth of the game now and I feel it's fair to say that there's no significant improvements to this years release. The dedicated servers (if they are real) are overshadowed by the game's aging net code. The minor improvements they have made like knifing being nerfed and the more interactive maps are secondary to the glaring problems they've created with some of their other changes. Larger maps and more powerful weapons mean a super fast time to death and that most people camp in corners with thermal scopes on sniper rifles. (tip: pick marksman class to have quicker access to the perk that counters this) also, the omission of series staples like ground war and SnD out of the box and things like there being no connection/ping indicator gives me the impression they were just happy to get this shipped.

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