Anyone need any double XP time?

#1 Posted by Potts (159 posts) -

I've got like 27 hours saved up that I'm not going to use, and I'm giving it away to whoever wants it. Just post your gamertag/PSN ID or PM me with it if you don't want it out in public.

#2 Edited by Defias (171 posts) -

Biggie Z is my gamertag. It would be appreciated since I get so little time to game some additional xp would be great

#3 Posted by Enigma777 (6067 posts) -

Enigma777. Thanks in advance!

#4 Edited by Zacagawea (1631 posts) -

My gamertag is Zacagawea.

I feel like leveling up is taking a longer then it should, so any more double XP I can get is appreciated

#5 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

I got like 7 of those SOda caps. How much time does each give? 

#6 Posted by flomby (64 posts) -

flomby on xbox 360! i'll take whatever you got thanks =)

#7 Posted by WiqidBritt (581 posts) -

if you still have some left, my xbox gamertag is WiqidBritt, thanks

#8 Posted by bibamatt (1092 posts) -

@Potts: Gamertag on Xbox is Bibamatt if you've still got any of that sweet double XP left? Thank you so much!

#9 Posted by Lopros (2 posts) -


thanks in advance!

#10 Posted by Lopros (2 posts) -

I forgot to mention that is a psn id - GUNZ-HK417

#11 Posted by Entreri10 (340 posts) -

XBL GT: Entreri10 , Its pretty cool that youre letting those hours go to a good use

#12 Posted by Potts (159 posts) -

Sorry I havent gotten to this yet, I'll split it up between you all tonight or tomorrow.

#13 Posted by MHumphreys89 (731 posts) -

If you could i'd appreciate it; GTag - FiringHips

#14 Posted by h83r (470 posts) -

GT - Aounslaught. Thanks a lot, kind sir. :)

#15 Edited by Potts (159 posts) -

All right, it's divided. Some got more than others, as the 12 packs give 45 minutes, and those codes were scattered throughout the other ones. I got up to @Lopros, any more codes I get will go to people who responded afterwards. If you didn't get any yet - don't worry, I drink a lot of pop & all of my co-workers give me their codes from their pops too, so by the end of this I should have another 5-10 hours or so. Also, if anyone needs any of the combat cards (which can get you more 2x XP time), here is the link to mine. Take whatever you want. Not sure if you have to trade or not, but i have like 5-10 of each card.

#16 Posted by thered (61 posts) -

@Potts: GT: Yuuppp I

#17 Posted by Potts (159 posts) -

Got a few more codes, so Entreri10 & Humphreys, you two get bonus xp time. I will get more before the 31st, so if anyone else is interested, post, otherwise I'll just cycle around back to the beginning again. I'm sure Defias will be happy. :)

#18 Posted by Entreri10 (340 posts) -

Thank you for the time it was much appreciated.

#19 Posted by thered (61 posts) -

@Potts: Hey before you cycle back around I never got any thanks!

#20 Posted by thered (61 posts) -

the GT is ( Yuuppp i )

#21 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

@Potts: Still got time left? My PSN is Crossknive.

#22 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -
@CL60 said:

@Potts: Still got time left? My PSN is Crossknive.

I got some bottle caps in my change basket. DO you know how to use em? 
#23 Posted by Potts (159 posts) -

Sorry, I gave all mine away. Had something like 50 some total hours banked in total at the end, and I split it up fairly evenly between the first responders. I'm not sure I you can still give any away if you haven't yet as the promo ended 12-31.

#24 Posted by Y2Ken (1442 posts) -

I'm guessing this is done, but if you get any more my GT is KenY2Ken. Would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I say this a lot, but what a great community we have here at GB. =)

#25 Posted by vaportra1l (271 posts) -

The promotion ended December 31st last year.

#26 Posted by biker4eva (4 posts) -

xox freeza xox (xbox) doesnt matter if i dont get it its just i got reset from tenth the other day

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