reverendhunt's Capcom Fighting Evolution (PlayStation 2) review

The most depressing Capcom fighting game

Recycled sprites, unbalanced gameplay, rigid controls... you'd think that after decades of making exciting and fun versus fighters, Capcom would be ashamed to churn out this sort of rubbish. Capcom Fighting Evolution, jokingly referred to as Capcom Vs. Capcom in light of the company's previous crossover efforts, haphazardly mashes an exceedingly small stable of fighters into one slow, overbloated mess of a game. Capcom boasted that the characters played "just as you (the gamer) remember", but honestly, I don't recall Ryu playing this horrible even in the very first Street Fighter. Furthermore, the character selection is suspect... KARIN KANZUKI!? WHAT THE HELL? They chose the absolute lamest Alpha character for this game? Even being able to play as character from the ultra-obscure Warzard/Red Earth doesn't justify this game's existence. The only part of CFE that I enjoyed was the endings, rendered masterfully by UDON, and featuring surprise cameos. When the best thing you can say about the game is that it's over... you know there's something wrong.


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