My French Game Manual Collection

Being that I live in Canada, it is a requirement by law that all products have bilingual packaging. This obviously extends to video games and in some cases, their manuals. I first noticed this when I became "hardcore" into video games with the purchase of an original Xbox. It came bundled with MechAssault and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, both of which came with an English manual and a French manual. Those two were the first in my collection and it has been growing ever since. I have collected them from games I own or owned, games my friends own or owned, and from friends who worked at EB Games/Futureshop.  
As of April 26th, 2011, my collection includes 269 manuals for 179 different games on 9 platforms.

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Posted by Jeffsekai

God dammit you are amazing.

Posted by Meptron

Love it. I've always been annoyed by the French manuals. They sometimes take up space and make the box buldge a bit. But at the same time I don't likethrowing them out. Glad to see you've found a use for them.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Ah, French manuals. Always just a little too wide for the case... That always did bug me. 
This is pretty funny.

Posted by LordAndrew

I have no use for them, but I think I still have all my French manuals lying around.