What is the best way to play this?

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Probably high.

Also, I don't know. Probably a controller. At least that is how I will play it when it drops in price.

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I ask because I finally picked it up for the PS3 yesterday. The only thing preventing me from getting it on the 360 was the fact I don’t own a Kinect. But after some research online, I’ve read conflicting reports on the best way to play this game.

So, if there’s anyone out there that has played it on both systems, I’d love to hear what you think. I’d be willing to go out and buy a Kinect if it means getting the best experience.

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@SuperWristBands said:

Probably high.

Haha, I was gonna add that. I plan to get really stoned the first time I play this so naturally, I want the best way to experience it.

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I'm curious about this as well. I've heard almost nothing about the PS3 version which is kind of disappointing.

I only got a 360 with Kinect a few months ago and recently got a 3D TV so I was hoping there was a comparison out there between the two versions. My only experience with the game so far was with Kinect and I really enjoyed, so I might end up getting that version.

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I have played the game with a Move in the past few days and it works well. I'm super bummed about how they gate you progression, I don't give a crap about high scores and whatnot I just want to see (and feel) the game, I'd have to replay levels so many times to see it all... I don't know if I'm willing to do that.

I just put it on Eden mode since I thought that would make it a bit more tolerable, but they forgot to mention that you get no progression with it. Fuck you Tetsuya Mizuguchi, why don't you let me enjoy your game. I wish there were still cheat codes. :(

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I played it the other day for the first time at an exhibition, on a massive screen in 3D. Blew my mind.

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