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128362 StevetheRadroach Game Overview 08/12/14 01:24PM 13 Approved
128360 StevetheRadroach Game Overview 08/12/14 01:15PM 6 Approved
126518 sudo_melon Game Overview I think when the author says "asynchronous", s/he means "asymmetrical". To the best of my knowledge, Crawl, as an action game, has no asynchronous mode. There is a multiplayer tag for the same, but I cannot change that... 08/04/14 10:51AM 1 Approved
126497 Kalor New Release 08/04/14 09:23AM 7 Approved
125440 katimanic Game Overview 07/31/14 02:44PM 5 Approved
120232 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 11:39AM 7 Denied
120231 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 11:38AM 7 Denied
120227 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 11:33AM 7 Denied
120225 Zhordyn Game Overview New summary with proper point-of-view reference frame. 07/07/14 11:32AM 188 Approved
120187 Zhordyn Game Overview Added tagline that coincides with Powerhoof's marketing. 07/07/14 07:50AM 5 Denied
120186 Zhordyn Game Overview Added general gameplay and overview in anticipation of the games release. 07/07/14 07:47AM 186 Denied
120179 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 06:42AM 7 Denied
120178 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 06:42AM 7 Denied
120177 Zhordyn New Release 07/07/14 06:40AM 7 Denied
95337 VarkhanMB Game Overview Added location and platforms 03/23/14 08:00AM 8 Approved
94919 expensiveham Game Overview 03/21/14 05:14PM 24 Approved
91590 Spender Game Overview 03/06/14 02:22AM 16 Approved
91387 SaturdayNightSpecials Game Overview Corrected use of second person, which is established as something we don't do. It would be nice if Patrick figured these things out if he's going to add to the wiki. 03/04/14 01:33PM 5 Approved
52935 DJJoeJoe Game Overview Just added the info from the official site, developer name and fuzzy release time. Unsure on exact genre/themes. 08/28/13 05:00AM 19 Approved
52747 patrickklepek Game Overview asdf 08/27/13 07:58AM 10 Approved

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