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"For 100 years, this leader of all evil in Taka Pass has waged war with the forces of the Gale Shrine. It boasts long swords and armor. Beneath the shell, its true body lies hidden among burning flames. To expose the body, the shell must be removed or destroyed. Even unarmored, the roiling flames make it difficult to approach. A divine wind can extinguish the flames and expose its true form." - Crimson Helm's bestiary entry from Okami


Crimson Helm is a boss from Okami. He was created from the blood of Orochi. His head shares the same appearance of Orochi's fire head, but his body is similar to a horse or steer with two arms to wield large swords. While his outer shell is heavily armored, his true form is a fiery skeleton that can spit flames and make close contact a dangerous strategy. Legends in the game explain that the Canine Warriors and Princess Fuse are destined to face him, but Amaterasu takes on this task instead for gameplay reasons. 
A few reasons bring Amaterasu to battle with Crimson Helm. One is purifying the Gale Shrine and the other is getting a hold of a powerful artifact known as the Serpent Crystal that can break Orochi's barrier around the Moon Cave. A quirk of this fight involves a ring of power orbs that surround Amaterasu and absorb damage until they're all gone.


Crimson Helm's attacks consist of a lot of charging and sword swipes. He occasionally jumps into the air to cause a wave of fire after crashing into the ground. Knocking his armor loose doesn't change any of his attacks, but getting too close to his flaming skeleton causes damage. Cherry Bombs make short work of his armor, and Galestorm will blow out his fire in order to get close enough to attack.

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