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Required if you played Crysis

This game is the extension of the original Crysis and follows the story from the viewpoint of Psycho. The game plays like the original with a few enhancements to the engine. The vehicles are a bit better and the graphics are a bit sharper. Story is much more focused and sometimes makes a few leaps. Game is also shorter than the original but contains very good cinamatics. One of the best I ever saw. Definitely a winner and a must if you played the original Crysis.

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    A short but sweet ride 0

    After playing this game to the end I kind of felt what I felt with the first Crysis. This is pretty good, but I think some people won't judge it on its own rights. A game that relies heavily on graphics to make a name of itself is bound to have it weighed more than it should. Crysis Warhead, like the first game just to a lesser degree, is not just a pretty game, it's a pretty game that's also a great game.What makes it so special are the nanosuit features. You can become invisible, have a boost ...

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