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Required if you played Crysis

This game is the extension of the original Crysis and follows the story from the viewpoint of Psycho. The game plays like the original with a few enhancements to the engine. The vehicles are a bit better and the graphics are a bit sharper. Story is much more focused and sometimes makes a few leaps. Game is also shorter than the original but contains very good cinamatics. One of the best I ever saw. Definitely a winner and a must if you played the original Crysis.


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         Let's start off with the value, you get a 30 dollar game with two very well put together components. Yes, it is important that the multiplayer aspect of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars, is separate. Since it's a separate application it means that the team can more easily patch the multiplayer component without having to worry about messing with the single player portion itself. Obviously Wars is going to be updated a lot more frequently than Warhead so this alone makes it a lot more efficient f...

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