Dark Souls Pve build for NG++

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I just finished the game as a dex/faith build, I rarely used miracles (i had darkmoon blade, WotG and lightning spear.) I didn't really enjoy it and the playthrough seemed harder that it should have been. I have decided to make a new character to play through the game to NG++ and possibly further. I dont do much pvp so I want mainly a pve build. What would be a good weapon choice and what stats should i level? when i finished with my dex/faith toon i ended with: 20vit 30end 14str 34dex 16att 34faith, should i have levelled the stats differently? any help would be appreciated, i mainly want a build that will be viable for NG++

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Since you won't be invaded or look for summons it doesn't really matter. So max out that vit and end, go for crazy scaling weapons, which are the best choice, because elemental weapons aren't as strong. That's all the advice that I have.

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Level up your dex to 45 and make a pyro/dex build. You'll only need to focus on Vit, End, and Dex. I'd use a +15 Uchigatana.

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Go straight for dark magic. Make the game so easy its ridiculous. 2-shot every boss til NG 5+ basically.

Something like

30 vit

15 end

40 int

40 dex

16 Attunement

by the end of your first playthrough.

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40 Dex combined with Iaoto +15 always does the trick for me.

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@99rage99: It really depends on what sort of player you are:

you enjoy fast paced melee? go dexterity, use a katana of a balder side sword or a Falchion otgether with Pyromancy: fun guaranteed. light armor required for maximum mobility

you enjoy big slow but crushing weapons at the expense of mobility? go strength and use an ultragreat sword or great axe or Black knight weapons with a big armor. mid roll will probably be forced on you though.

you wanna be in betwwen? go 45 dex, 24 strength to use pyromancy, a medium armor and the claymore or Hlaberd +15...probably the best option on the long run.

you want to be away and destroy things without breaking a sweat ? go Sorcery: max out intelligence (44-50), 16 strength, 16 dexterity will largely suffice and cast souls spears and black sorceries to breeze through the game.

all builds you will do require 40 stamina (the most important thing in DaS) and around 40 minimum in health...

hope this helps

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I started a sorcerer recently to try out something a bit different than my normal play style and found it to be super easy. from the start i put everything into INT and attunement, when i had 50 Int and 28 attunement i started leveling up VIT and some strength. most bosses died after a few soul spears and with 7 spells on me i never found myself going empty. 2*soul spear 2*heavy soul arrow 1*crystal homing missile 1* crystal soul spear and 1*white dragon breath.I used Logan's catalyst for the most part.

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