Does anyone else not use the Auto-Targetting?

#1 Posted by morosemode (55 posts) -

I realised something many hours in that I hadn't been using the lock-on at all. Very rarely I've since used it against some bosses/mini-bosses, though.  
But it got me thinking - I've heard some people having problems with the lock-on being awkward (especially in group situations). Maybe don't rely on it and just rely on manual combat more, atleast against groups.
#2 Edited by supermike6 (3777 posts) -

I can't imagine not using the auto-targeting. I would probably die like 4x more than I do now.

Whatever floats your goat, I guess.

#3 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5885 posts) -

No, I use it all the time.
Although in Demon's Souls I got through about half of the game before I even realized you could lock on to enemies.

#4 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2830 posts) -

No, I use it and it doesn't give me any trouble. The only thing that sucks is having to double tap a direction to switch between targets. Honestly manual combat without the lock on is what I find kind of awkward.

#5 Posted by Thor_Molecules (733 posts) -

I use the auto-targeting all the time, but I did have to adjust to the controls, seeing as they are slightly wonkier compared to Demon's Souls.

You have to actually flick the analog stick to switch targets in Dark Souls. Once I got that down, it was all smooth sailing.

#6 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

Aiming magic without auto-targeting would be the most difficult thing ever, so no.  

#7 Edited by morosemode (55 posts) -

Ah well that's understandable, I'm just melee & archery so far. Pyromancy & throwing, not so much.
I think I prefer it just because of playing alot of Monster Hunter.

#8 Posted by Altagrave (51 posts) -

the priority the auto-target in this game when facing multiple enemies in melee range is total retard. I can kill an enemy that's right in front of me, and the reticule will jump to an enemy behind me when there's one right in front of me, but it's just a little bit farther and it screws me up so bad.

But you need it to block, so w/e, have to live with it.

#9 Posted by SmiteOfHand (101 posts) -

I mostly use auto-targeting, but on occasion I do not. Dropping it when you are surrounded generally makes it easier to attack multiple guys with a swipe or avoid hitting a wall in a tight spot.

That said I find myself constantly pushing in the right analog hoping it will cycle to the next person. Throwing off my game, and not sure why in the heat of battle my brain thinks this is the right thing to do.

#10 Posted by Enns (396 posts) -

I dunno, I'd say it's 50-50 for me. I like to keep moving so I don't target much and go for kicks and back stabs. I do target for aiming magic or when I need to turtle up to try to counter. When in a confined space I also target since you can't really get around them.

#11 Posted by Rayeth (1126 posts) -

You need to break your dependence on the lock on for some bosses so you can get the "chop off the tail" weapons.

That said, those are pretty much the only time I don't use it.

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