Giving up the Ghost

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this is a test

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*sniff* ... Congratulations!

Seriously, I know exactly how you feel and I'm sure many Souls-games fans do as well.

And I even had similar thoughts about the swan song thing a while ago.

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You should read Jane McGonigal's book Reality is Broken. I too have played games from the 2600 through the PS3. Jane helped me shape the way I think about gaming and how it has impacted my life. While I choose to game less these days (I've taken up drawing, reading and spending more time w/ family, friends and pets), I have not stopped gaming and my interest in games has not decreased. Heck, we're both premium Giant Bomb members. However, I have found that I am less anxious, the less I play.

These days, decreasing your digital diet is an experiment worth undertaking - if just for month. Best of luck.

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