High SL pvp (150+) Opinions / views so far.

#1 Posted by McShank (1631 posts) -

Was wondering if anyone has made it this high and has done pvp or if they have how has it worked out for them? I know for me since i did my stats compeletly wrong for pvp early on i would constantly get killed but now that i have the best armor in the game with the best shield in the game, no one can touch me anymore. I am farming the last mobs before the king and am in human form just so i can farm humanity at the same time from people who constantly invade me.. I also have been seeing a ton of people with practically no gear on or at least with very very light gear so they can roll fast but why? I have killed the last 5 people because they had no good armor on. 1-2 chaos fireballs and 1 swing of my halbred and they are dead. no backstabs needed. Even ring of fog's dont work anymore as I have all 2 of the firestorms which knock people off their feet so all i do is walk over and do a heavy 2handed as they are getting up. What is your opinion on the pvp in dark souls now that the game has been out for a while now and alot of people have begun to beat it for the first time. FYI if anyone invades little-3-momo (PS3), GL because i welcome your death.

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yeah i started at 125 , and moved up to 175 which i found was most comfortable , at 150 i was too middle ground eheh , once i moved over 200 i got alot less invasions so i think ppl are sticking round 125-150 which was the typical low to mid level tier in demons souls pvp . i prefer higher level as you have a more solid build , and can focus on scaling weapons a bit more , at lower levels you are looking for a gimmick to fit in as much power in low soul level as possible .. while you can still do the same at higher , the playing ground is more level .. thats if youre counting on traditional methods .. after the 1.04 patch hits , id like to get a bunch of people together to try organized pvp , with the red sign soapstone or the dragon covenant , witht he connection issues its just not worth the effort yet.

but yeh .. i will personally have .. one or more SL 125 builds , focused on efficiency of whatever they do , 175 builds which are practicly maxed in their damage stat of choice , and my current buid at 255 that is just an unstoppable mage tank , but i overleveled myself out of any real pvp bracket with that guy ... also id love to see if i can keep a pyromancer at SL 1 and join the darkwraith covenant , can easily boost alot of damage with the pyromancy flame and humanity boosting not affecting soul level. and should be able to 2hand the furysword at least ... but really .. apart from undead burg .. where the hell is a soul level 1 going to pvp

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lol... I don't think you can even pvp effectively at 1 as you need to be like 10% from their level to join a game. But lvl 10-20 you should destroy everything :D

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Im 111 right now and will prob stop at 125 for pvp. Hopefully will have enough end there.

I would hold off on trying to min max a guy atm though with that 1.4 patch coming.

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currently at 120. Getting lots of summons, not so many invades. Fights seem one sided. If you have the fury sword and know how to roll effectively then you win 99% of the time.

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I'm around 150 right now, just sitting at the beginning of the last boss area, summoning dark spirits to my world and invading others and having a blast. Unfortunately, I never really had much action in the pvp scene in other places, besides when I was in the Forest Hunter covenant and when I occasionally got invaded, so now that I can just sit around and invade/get invaded as much as I want and just keep farming stuff, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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I'm 140 at the moment and I too think I out leveled the game too fast. I got very little invasions. I'm now trying to clean out all the treasure left in the current game before going to NG+. Does everyone just hang at the last level at this higher sl?

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So where are you guys finding pvp at around 120? Having a hard time finding people. 

#9 Edited by envane (1164 posts) -

anor londo , new londo ruins etc ... dukes archives , tomb of giants , demon ruins , basicly most of the endgame areas .. saw plenty of action in blight town too at 125

the thing is , most invaders (except those using covenants etc .. ) are limited to being able to invade someone , if they havent killed the boss yet , and are in human form ... so you WONT find invaders in a cleared area that you are farming for drops , if the boss is dead , also if they make it to the boss while you are invading , you fail and are sent back. ,, so think of where most people are going to be typicly at endgame .. dukes archives seemed to be a good place for invaders , as it wasnt too big that they would get lost trying to find you etc .. ( i was a nice guy an patiently waited for a good duel with anyone who invaded , it got fkn annoying when they had no clue of how to get back down to you etc..)

as for the red soapstone , and oter items liek the dragons eye stone , which require others to summon you for pvp , these still work on the "havent killed boss , Is in human form" rule , as such if people want to try and organize pvp tournaments or stuff like that , you will need to agree on an area that you stop progressing in .. i really like the painted world of ariamis as a pvp location , its compact enough yet also has enough room for some trickery .. and you can come and go repeatedly WITHOUT killing the boss , and it doesnt affect anything much by leaving her alive .. so you can return here , clear out some enemies quickly while you wait for pvp , then wait around ..

you can only invade / be invaded by the same player once every 30 minutes .. which kind of sucks but at least there is a time limit.

also im now thinking that the disparity between non scaling weapons and upgrades , most of them being awesome , and poor stat scaling items that only really shine in higher level use (sl150+ and even higher)

the non scaling weapons are there so that people arent forced to make a SL125 pvp build .. or higher .. in demons souls , scaling was key to most builds , and builds were min maxing just 1 or 2 stats to deal the maximum damage , now the same amount of points are generaly best spread around a bit more , low level builds now can meet the bare minmum requirements for a lightning weapon , or drake / dragon weapons etc .. and pyromancy especitally enabling peopel to maximize magic damage with zero soul level increase , mabye if the level of your pyromancy flame affected your soul level , it wouldnt be almost an obligatory thing for low level pvpers to have

this is coming from the fact that im still soul level 1 on my pyromancer and he just dominated the iron golem , and i 2hand the drake sword and now that its fully upgraded , its pretty great

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@nadril: im in sl 127 and the darkroot forest is a bed of pvp xD, eithet if you want to be summoned for coop pvp oor to be invaded.

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