How did I get this many souls?

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So I have only recently started playing Dark Souls, and I was hovering around soul level 25 the other night after reaching the Undead Parish, and decided to reverse hollowing for the first time. Predictably, I got invaded rather quickly. At first, my invader was just hanging out, taunting me. I had my shield up and got in a few hits - somehow, I earned almost 80k souls just hitting this guy. He eventually killed me, and left. I was able to run back and collect all 80k+ souls.

Later, the same guy invaded again and went on the attack. With my shield up, every time I blocked an attack, I got a ton of souls. I ended up with 1.6 million when he killed me. Again, I was able to go back and collect them, boosting my soul level to 96.

What happened?

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I'm pretty sure that guy was hacked. No way you could get souls that way let alone by simply attacking him.

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From what I've learned of watching/playing Dark Souls, there's probably some bullshit ring or curse or something that lets you leak souls out.

There's always something...

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You lucky bastard.

Best thing I've had happen to me was when a guy invaded and dropped me a Black Knight Sword. He then began to attack me, at which point, instead of facing up to him and dying with dignity at his hands, I turned on my heels and leapt off a cliff to my death.

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I don't remember any item that lets you leak out souls, especially not that much. Undead perish also the area where high level dicks prey on starting players.

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Sounds hacked to me

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@ravelle said:

I don't remember any item that lets you leak out souls, especially not that much. Undead perish also the area where high level dicks prey on starting players.

High level dicks, like the Phallic Reaper, they find you when you are most vulnerable. And they do terribly unspeakable things to you that make you wonder "Why, oh lord why, did I ever come to this place"?

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I mean, if the guy was hacked, that would make sense. I guess I won't complain and I will chalk it up to the randomness of an individual's Dark Souls experience.

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I would suggest you start a new character or something, getting boosted to SL96 at Undead Parish isn't fun.

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I like the idea of this invasion being a double troll. Not only does the dude invade you with a hacked character and kill you, but he gives you enough souls to level yourself to the point where the game's challenge is negated and the gameplay is trivialized.

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You done got haxed son. Also SL 96 is like over kill for anything in the game. If you want the real dark souls expeirence you may want to restart.

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The real dark souls experience is to break the disc in half and slit your throat with one of the pieces. Then you have to beat it from the grave with your ghostly powers. The only true way to play, in my opinion. As a Dark Souls E x p e r t

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I got invaded by someone in the Undead Parish that didn't attack me, but instead spawned a whole bunch of Dredglings and Channellers. After I beat them, he dropped a nice item (a slab I think, can't remeber) and left. It made me kind of want to start doing that.

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You guys guilt tripped me into starting over. I was so surprised how quickly I got back to where I was thanks to getting more familiar with the controls and the game.

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@brewmaster_andy: Wait, you didn't actually kill the invader to get souls? Hitting him or him hitting you was giving you souls? That's the first I've ever heard of that because you usually have to kill someone to get souls first. In other words, sounds like hax. At least they didn't have the fucked up sword that curses you.

[Normally, defeating another player either as an invader or invadee nets you a certain amount of souls which depends on the level of the other character. I forget the exact formula, but the soul level cap for defeating someone else maxxed out (i.e. every stat at 99) hovers around the 800 thousand soul mark, which is roughly character level 709-713 (varies depending on starting class).]

Yes, Dark Souls PC is kinda screwed up in the invasion department. To make you feel better, have a video.

Loading Video...

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As other people said, hax.

I'd restart the character. You're such a high level that nothing is going to be enjoyable.

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Yeah, I did restart. Got myself back up to the gargoyles last night - definitely enjoyable. At the Capra Demon now, but considering trying to find myself a Black Knight Sword first.

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You press Numpad key 4 a fewtimes.

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