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I'm not new to dark souls, I have had a few characters and done a few playthroughs. I just picked it back up recently and went after a Dex/Int build to do a bit of pvp and pve with . I really like it so far. I just wanted to share my stats to see if there is anything I can improve on. I'll admit right now I don't know squat about armor. I picked up a few tips on the net and this is what I have so far.

SL: 107 NG+

Vit 32

Atu 16

End 30

Str 16

Dex 40

Res 12 (started as a wanderer)

Int 36

Faith 8

R: Uchigatana +15, Black Bow of Pharis +14 (waiting on a slab), or Pyro Glove- ascended.

L: Blood, Crest, or Target Shield Izalith Catalyst

Spells: Crystal Weapon, Crystal homing, Great Chaos Fireball. (sometimes I opt for a Soul Spear)

Ornstein's Helm

Dingy Robe +9

Wanderer Manchete +9

Wanderer Boots +9

Problems I have: I'm slow. Without Havel's ring I'm not at optimal speed.

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Dark Wood Grain Ring will help with weight.

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Hmmmm not sure about Ornstein's Helm but use Dark Mask instead if you have it or a lighter helm. Also I'd recommend cloranthy ring and wolf ring or like the other said Darkwood Grain Ring if you really don't want to lose the other stuff that increses your weight, If you equip the Dark Wood Grain Ring though, equip the full set of Ornstein's armor and you'll still have optimal speed so long as you maintain the medium loadout which is less than half of your allowable weight. This is almost similar to my 1st character when I started playing this game.

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@Plusfifteen: For your intelligence level the Tin Crystallization Catalyst is best (Magic adjust of 263 vs 206). Putting on the Dark Wood Grain Ring will allow you to move fast with up to 50% of the equip load. This will allow you to put on 11.3 units more weight than your current armour set. I'd recommend the Catarina Gauntlets and Ornstien's Leggings. That should up your defence from 289 to 326. Finally, I would use the Wolf Ring to raise your poise from 35 to 75. I don't know how good 75 poise is since my character was a heavy armour, two handed weapon guy who would just take attacks on the chin. As such I had to have high poise to fight through it so I was in the range of 85 to 105. My suspicion is that 75 should be enough for most non boss encounters.

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dont know xD magic people xD.

what ring are you wearing if havels is not doing you any good. i asume your using the bellowing dragon crest ring and something else. try catarina armor maxed out (no slab required to finish it) and wear traveling glove instead of the catarina gloves. that will give you a good roll, put on the dark grand ring for a fast roll. i hate that bow soo i dont know what to tell you there... i only wear the Catalina suit so im bias

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