Todays GFWL Update

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Just tried to start up Dark Souls, but GFWL won't let me play online unless I update, anyone know what the update is? Afraid it'll do bad things to my game. Thanks in advance.

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It turns it into Dark Souls 2.

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I wish, was hoping to finish DS before DS2 comes out on PC, annoyed at this update, don't want it to do bad things to my game.

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Hang on, seems it screws with DSCfix, but that's it.

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@badseed said:

I wish, was hoping to finish DS before DS2 comes out on PC, annoyed at this update, don't want it to do bad things to my game.

What could it possibly do?

You can't play without it, so you really don't have a choice.

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When is namco switching from GFWL to steamworks? (or are they interested in doing this?)

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Did your computer blow up

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@wikitoups: The last update we had was that they were looking into it, but nothing concrete as of yet.

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I hope so soon, Since Bandai Namco managed to get Ace Combat: Assault Horizon over to Steamworks last month. Since that was announced also "exploring plans" at the same time it makes me hopeful that they will eventually do right by Dark Souls Pc players.

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No idea, its not an update to the game though (that would go through steam) so it is probably just a winding down towards the service's shutdown. Pure speculation on my part.

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man, I want this to happen so bad...... just Kill GFW, like rip it out.

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Yeah I got it too today when I started it up. What is it?

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My game seems to be working fine post-update. Anyone know how Dark Souls will be affected once GFWL shuts down completely?

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@dgtlty: They are looking into it. That's all they said...

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I'm trying to do the update now but the update bar isn't moving at all...anyone else have this problem? I've restarted it a few times and the same thing. Anyone know of a fix

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