upgrading help!! please! holding titanite what to do?

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i still don't know the difference between divine, occult, enchanted, magic, and raw.....like what instance would i need to use an occult weapon, what instance would i need a enchanted weapon, why do we have enchanted and magic? aren't they the same? I know divine is goog for skeletons in the catacombs but what other could does it do. I know raw increases damage while reducing base stat requirement, but haven't found a use for it, chaos is utterly confusing to me, then u have crystal WHY the hell would someone upgrade to a crystal weapon? aren't the low durability an unrepairable, why is that even in the game?

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thanks it explained occult vs divine but not magic vs enchanted. also it does not explain what crystal weapons are for if they have significantly low durability, can not be repaired what purpose do they serve?

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Enchanted weapons have lower base statistics than Magic weapons, but they also scale better with intelligence.  This means that if you plan on putting a lot of points into intelligence, then you might want to consider and enchanted weapon.  If you don't care to increase your intelligence that much, then stick with magic weapons.

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Don't bother with crystal. Occult scales off faith/int I think, and Chaos scales off your active humanity.

Just upgrade Lightning and win

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