Post your best Possessed weapons!

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This is the secondary weapon I went into the final boss with:

I also had a Possessed scythe, but it wasn't that great though. Anyway, feel free to share the best Possessed weapons that you've put together.

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I got the same possessed glaive from the vulgrim shop for 20 boatman coins. Since I am only in the second realm, the weapon is only level 14 after leveling it 3 times. But I have been feeding it strength, resistance and critical chance.

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The best secondary weapon I've encountered, is Achinda's speciality drop. Looks like nothing, but it sucks life like a horny mother.

Anybody ever got 'Execution Chance' into a possessed weapon? That stat is badass.

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@Seppli: Execution is one viable way to stack stack. I just dislike that it does not work on bigger bosses, and then you are left with an inferior tool.

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I'm disappointed, you didn't name you weapon. What kind of hero are you?!

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@Irvandus: Sadly can't rename the weapon on the PC version atm.

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@Tennmuerti: Then I have lied to my friends, the xbox version is clearly superior to PC. If I can't name my weapon something dumb then what's the point?

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Here are my 2 endgame weapons, their stats follow the exact same stat structure i've been using since halfway though normal game.

The scythes are the primary weapon that are used for at least 90% of my attacks, hense on them is stacked crit and health steal. The strength is there to give overall dmg boost which is much bigger then any elemental enchant. Health steal heals several thousand HP per swing. Also i like the sleek look of this scythe model rather then more gaudy pieces (took a while to get it from Vulgrim rng boxes)
Hammer server 3 purposes. It's mainly a stat stick. Breaks through shields. Instant wrath refil.

Went through 101 Crucible waves on Apocalyptic difficulty like knife through butter.

Below are the overall stats, as you see the rest of the gear is there to compliment the weapons. With Unstopable the crit gets to 92% and over 350% crit dmg.

While scythe dps is less on paper, certain moves like air spin make it superior.

And finally just for funzies, the full abyssal armor set (i don't use it because of stats and not digging the horns):

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@Tennmuerti: Oh shit, those are some awesome weapons; not sure that I've ever encountered Health or Wrath steal :o

Damn, I didn't know you could change weapon names on console versions; it's almost like Vigil are purposely trying to shit over people that are playing the PC version =(

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@Tennmuerti: THAT HAMMER!

The game absolutely refused to give me a proper Hammer in the final acts. From like lvl 15+ I didn't get a single "proper" hammer. I was committed to using the hammer from the start cause I like smacking the shit out of things with large blunt objects, but sadly I had to change my style of play a little bit towards the last half.

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I just leveled up to 22, but this is what I've been working with for a bit.

Lots of freezing and executions. Just breezed through the Soul Arbiter's maze earlier.

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To be fair I gamed the system a bit to get the models of the weapons i wanted, especially the scythes. Because at the ending levels weapons have several models each, which are applied randomly regardless of stats or anything when they are spawned.

For example the scythes at 30 have 3-4 deferent looks. So what you acn do is save right before buying a possessed weapon from Vulgrim, if you don't get the look you want, altF4 and reload to try buying it again.

For my secondary i just wanted any cool looking heavy weapon, and i have never seen this hammer model before kind of just lucked into it.

Only did this when i hit 30 tho because i knew these were going to be my final weapons.

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I think I've got the best weapon of you all. And my two handed mace grants me insta-wrath on one hit. 54% melee crit, you can't see but 45% magic crit. My character is basically a '' mage '', since I only have Necro talents. When I launch '' Frenzy '', the last spell, oh man. The game turns into god mode, so much that I might respect due to the total lack of any form of challenge. I've got nearly guaranteed executions on mobs and supreme life-leech.

Edit: My build is totally not the best of you all. Sorry, I didn't check the screens properly I guess.

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Not quite sure what you mean by "best" considering there are so many ways to build your character statwise in the game.

Do you mean the execution stat on that weapon (because otherwise it seems fairly standard if lacking a 4th stat)? Not a fan of it at all personally, for me it's faster to kill mobs without the execution animation even on Apocalyptic difficulty due to the sheer dmg numbers. And it not affecting boss tier monsters.

The STR/Crit/Crit dmg build i was using was pretty much godmode at all times. I only used harbinger skills for funzies or to make Crucible fights a bit faster.

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@Tennmuerti said:


Not quite sure what you mean by "best" considering there are so many ways to build your character statwise in the game.

Do you mean the execution stat on that weapon (because otherwise it seems fairly standard if lacking a 4th stat)? Not a fan of it at all personally, for me it's faster to kill mobs without the execution animation even on Apocalyptic difficulty due to the sheer dmg numbers. And it not affecting boss tier monsters.

The STR/Crit/Crit dmg build i was using was pretty much godmode at all times. I only used harbinger skills for funzies or to make Crucible fights a bit faster.

Execution meter does affect the mini-boss *large* enemies like the beetles and bone giants. The big-ass angels are also easily downed with it, making the game a lot easier on Apo. difficulty. As I said, I'm playing as a mage-like character, so I rush in for the finisher when the fights gets really tough, especially in the late 50 parts of the crucible. Combining all this with 45% crit, health and wrath leech, I think I've built the best ( to my style ) weapon possible.

Edit: My possessed weapon is level 3 of 5. I'm waiting for cooler augments to beef it up.

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I was refering to actual bosses (crucible uses them sometimes), not the mini-bosses like beetles and bone giants (those go down in a single air spin for me usually, 2 at most).

Now that you mention it I can definately see how execution is great for a mage setup with lower overall physical damage. Tho the crit on that scythe seems wasted. (for the same reason). I would suggest putting arcane on it as well. Don't remember if you can put arcane crit and arcane crit damage on a weapon.

Thanks for the idea btw, execution for a mage seems brilliant in retrospect, gonna definately try it out on my mage playthrough with that 1 life mode (don't recall what its called atm), when i come back to it.

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@Tennmuerti: @Klei:

I'm lvl 30 now on my apocalyptic playthrough, and I have not once encountered a lifesteal or wrathsteal stat on anything ever. Is that a RNG stat, or do I get them from a specific drop location?

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It's random (for feeding purposes anyway) I've seen Healthsteal maybe 5-7 times total, wrath steal once or twice. But i did visit traders quite frequently to upgrade my armor so always kept an eye out untill i found healthsteal again (wasted my first one). After that just kept it by feeding old posessed weapons to new.

There are some unique preset legendary items that have healthsteal on them, but you can't feed those to possessed weapons so kind of moot.

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My secondary weapon, strongest critical was 17.3k , since this is my 1st play, its only level 22..

1 thing i messed up was "Ice damage", it would have been better if i chose "critical chance" .. oh well... i'll do it in 2nd play...

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@Tennmuerti: That Hammer is glorious.

So, is there a way to affect the stats you can choose from when you level up a weapon?

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Yep. Basically when you are in the feed menu about item to a posessed weapon, you can see 3 levels of "brightness" on the stats of the item you have seleceted atm. The dimmest grey means that stat can't be added to a weapon at all, normal bright white means that stat can be added, bright blueish means the stat is already on the possessed weapon.

When you feed an item with eligible stats those stats will be added to the list of stats available to choose from at levelup of the possessed weapon. Feed it an item with STR for example and STR will be added to the list you get when the weapon levels; feed it crit chance and you will have crit chance at level up etc. That's what normally happens. Problem is that there can only be so many stats on the list when the possessed weapon levels up, so if you add too many different stats then some of them will get bumped off and won't appear, just what determines the stat that gets discarded is a bit unclear. So to be safe i usually feed only the stats i want to have on the weapon, and then either feed it statless weapons or items with the same general stats

(which is by the way why Vulgrim sells lvl 40 blank talismans even tho level cap is 30, they are there so that you can level possessed weapons more safely/controlled)

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If let's say my weapon has a "Strength +x" stat on in, will it increase more Strength per level if I feed it more +Strength items (in terms of quantity and/or quality) or will it just increase at a fixed rate? Do not take into account me choose to increase that stat as the bonus per level increase.

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I also have lvl 30 possessed scythes which I got for beating the Crucible on apocalyptic but I can't equip them yet. When I can I'll add the same additional stats like the one I have here. They will be better ofc because the of the level of the weapon.

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@White: Stats basically only affect what choice of stats you have during level up, the amount is only dependent on the possessed weapon level. All feeding it extra STR items will do is keep giving you the option for STR during the weapon level up, which you can select again, so yes technically you can boost STR further that way, but the increase is tiny.

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@Tennmuerti: Would you know if feeding a epic(purple) item is any different from feeding a normal green item? Does the level of the feeded item affect it any way as well?

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@Flaime: In terms of stats no real difference.

Purples just give more "xp" to the possessed weapon so it fills the bar faster. Purples also have more stats by default so all of their stat types are added to the available stat list on level up.

The higher the level of the feeded item the more "xp" it gives to the possessed weapon.

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My best weapon so far in New Game + , with highest crit of: 29,359 of now

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@Tennmuerti: Do the wepons start to look like that the more you upgrade them or do you just get crazy looking ones later on?
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@Jonny_Anonymous: The later. Look doesn't change as you upgrade them. The looks change as you find higher level gear. Some scythe models are a bit too gaudy and exotic for me personally :P

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@Tennmuerti: I just got my first possessed scythe and I wasn't sure if I should just feed it everything I find or not 
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Have a think at what kind of stats you want to give it first.

You can't really mess a possessed weapon up, all stats are good, but you can optimize it if you want for the way you play or want out of it.

Start simple for the first one maybe some elemental damage etc get a feel for how it works. I also posted some of the mechanics of feeding in this thread. But don't wait too long. The earlier you feed ot to the max the more use you will get out of it obviously. Early on when you are leveling quite fast you might find a better weapon soon anyway by sheer virtue of being higher level. Again no need to get all theorycrafty and try to have the best stats on your first one, you'll find more later on and you will understand the system better by then.

Eventually I was usually carrying enough varied loot to instantly upgrade any possessed weapon i found to the max as soon as i got one. You can even feed your old possessed weapon to your new one, this is very usefull for those rare stats (like health steal % for example)

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@Tennmuerti: Ok thanks, any more tips?
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@Jonny_Anonymous: On feeding possessed weapons, not really, most of the stuff i already mentioned in this thread, as far as what stats to go for i don't want to force my own playstyle on people :)

About one other general tip i have in relation to possessed weapons, is that Vulgrim can be used as a sort of possessed weapon fallback option, if you are not getting one to drop for many levels and feel underpowered go ahead and buy a guaranteed possessed weapon box from him (its a chance between scythes and a secondary weapon however). His special coins are easy enough to accumulate if you explore and there is no need to waste those on his other gear boxes. Combined with exploring everything finding little secret chests I was pretty much almost always using possessed weapons after a certain point. Collecting tome pages also unlocks tombs with a bunch of chests in them.

(oh and there are sometimes weapon racks around you can break for more chance at more weapons, but mostly in the second world)

There are also many legendary unique named weapons hidden around the world too (these are in preset locations), and some you get for sidequests or optional bosses (like gorewood)

You also don't need any of this stuff to finish the game, but it can be fun if you're into loot, ultimately the main path is not that hard, main challanges are the side stuff like optional bosses, crucible and arbiters maze. (carefull about the crucible wait a bit, going into it as soon as it unlocks can mess up progression for some people)

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@Tennmuerti: Well I basically want to do what the other guy was saying and make Death a mage but with really fast physical attacks (thats why I'm using a buckle as my secondary weapon) 
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my best possessed weapons atm are my level 25 possessed double scythes with damage :204-240 defense:162 ice damage:52 critical chance: 25% critical damage :34%

level 25 possessed arm blades with damage :219-249 defense:162 lightening damage:55 critical chance :24 health on crit:58

with full abyssal armor

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Just built level 30 (shock of life)

damage 241-277. primary 1266.

shock 38. health steal 30% wrath steal 30%. wrath per kill 27.

one hit on hardest level and both bars fill. Just shreaded 100 levels in no time.

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Current possesed weapon I'd post pics but don't know how to. Dmg 257-291 Crit chance 31% Crit dmg 32% Str 72 Health steal 28% My secondary is "abyssal forge hammer" I really never use my secondary I just have in that slot because it adds 106 str which is a nice boost. My overall dps is currently 6525 Overall crit chance 59% Crit damage 302% (still in search of a decent talisman with crit chance and damage) So if someone wants to gift something nice over for the pay it forward trophy ill gladly return the favor! :)

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My scythes are the bomb. Damage 256-292... Critical damage +32%... Strength 82 and Health steal 30%.. My character stats are Level 30 4401... Wraith 1067... Strength 728... Defence 703 ...Arcane 150.... Resistance 80.... Primary weapon 2268 ..... Secondary weapon 6350

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OK I am a little late to the Party it seams. I just picked up the game again to make another run through and I figured I would check out how everyone else feeds their possessed weapons. I should have checked this out the weekend the game came out. The biggest contributing factor to damage is strength as Pauldoura has shown above, although I do use critical chance and critical damage, without strength the damage per second is significantly less. Then you add in Ice, Inferno, or lightning your increasing the damage on the critical hits due to the fact that the elemental damage continues to hurt them even if you stop attacking.

My Weapons:

Scythes Damage: 259-291, Ice Damage: 61, Strength: 81, Critical Chance: 32%, Health Steal: 28%

Axe Damage: 733-801, Inferno Damage: 167, Strength: 79, Critical Chance: 33%, Critical Damage: 32%

This combo is over 6500 damage per second with my scythes and over 8000 DPS with my axe with my gear as well I have over 50% critical hit chance on both weapons.

So basically every other hit is a critical and with Ice damage I freeze enemies in a block of ice then hit them with the inferno damage once with my axe and even if it doesn't finish them off I can concentrate on another enemy while they are taking both ice and inferno damage for a few more seconds while I am attacking another enemy.

I hope this explanation may help some of you and again sorry for getting involved so late.

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Here's what I have at the moment:

Possessed Scythe
Level: 30
Damage: 219 - 253
Ice Damage: 61
Critical Chance: +30%
Critical Damage: +35%
Strength: 88

Possessed Axe
Level: 27
Damage: 737 - 797
Critical Chance: +29%
Critical Damage: +31%
Strength: 65
Health Steal: 25%

DAMAGE OUTPUT (without Unstoppable buff)
Primary Weapon
Damage Per Second: 5569
Critical Chance: 33%
Critical Damage: +328%

Secondary Weapon
Damage Per Second: 7253
Critical Chance: 32%
Critical Damage: 324%

You may all be wondering why I put Health Steal on my heavy secondary. This is because of my attack combo which starts with 1 to 3 scythe attacks then follow them up and finish with heavy secondary attacks. Damages I receive during the engagement would be "healed" by the fast swipes of my secondary. By "Fast Swipes", I literally mean FAST. By description: (S = Scythe; H = Heavy Secondary) S + S + S + H + H + H + H. My other combo would be: Harvester Revenge (Forward Evade) + S + S + S + H + H + H + H. At same level mobs and unbuffed by Unstoppable, my Scythe Crits would reach 4-5K and Heavy Secondary Crits would be at 17-20K.

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So this comment is actually ONLY A LITTLE BIT late but hey, who cares. Ive been playing the game again recently and have made one of my favourite scythe setups yet. Basically, i wanted a complete executioner class cause i like the animations that comes with killing them and some of the bonuses you can get for performing them. So i went in and farmed for some possessed scythes and secondary's until i got exactly what i needed. Here is what i eventually created:


Damage: 213 - 234

Lightning: 86

Execution Chance: 62%

Health on Execute: 375

Wrath on Execute: 216

Secondary (Armblades - cause they have a long range attack)

Damage: 247 - 321

Ice: 79

Critical Chance: 52%

Critical Damage: 56%

Strength: 49


Execution Chance: 31%

Health on Execute: 542

Wrath on Execute: 273

Arcane: 43

Basically, with my 93% execution chance, i kill 9 out of every 10 enemies (statistically) and im given 972 health in return. Combine that with the armour i farmed to give me a little over 350 strength my attacks bring the monsters health down real fast. It amazes me quite often by how many circles (ps3 version) appear on my screen at once. I quite litteraly go in and do the Scythe, Scyther (pause) Scythe Scythe wide area attack and all the health of my foes just shrinks down to reveal the vulnerable executions beneath.

Ps: Who else agrees with me when i say that the Lich, Wraith and Tormentor executions are pretty fabulous? :D

I mean, lich you smash with their own urn in the back. Wraiths have a dramatic head removal and Tormentors get stabbed down the throat with their own hook. Its amazing to watch in the cinematic executions.

Anyway, Whilst there are many builds out there that are capable of downing monsters in 2-3 strikes with the damage you can deal, it is nice to mix it up and reap the rewards of slowing down your pace a bit.

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Thought to post my best possessed weapon. At level 30 played games for hours but never got wrath steal.

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