Is there still a way to get DLC for Def Jam Rapstar?

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So I bought finally bought Def Jam Rapstar because it was like ten bucks and I was pretty excited for the awesome songs on it and on the DLC list I saw on the wiki page here. Unfortunately I missed the news that EMI sued the game makers and all the good DLC was taken off of XBLM. So is there any way for me to get these songs from another venue? Or am I boned? I need me some Warren G...

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@TheStimpinator: I'm right there with ya! I got it for PS3 (10 bucks for game and mic seemed obvious) and no DLC for me either. Since the lawsuits seem to have destroyed any chance of those songs being sold again, I think we just have the original tracks. I like the game. It made all this listening to rap I've been doing since 13 feel worthwhile when those five mic scores started coming in. Shame its financials were fucked.

I actually just added the lawsuits to its wiki so hopefully people won't make the mistake we did.

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@Kierkegaard: Word, the game itself is still great. I just feel shitty knowing that I missed a chance to make it that much better with all the DLC. But really its whatever, I have "Today Was a Good Day" so I can just rap that forever and be happy.

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@TheStimpinator: Ha, and I have Gin N Juice to try to complete on expert and Scenario to vex the hell outta my vocal chords. So, we'll live. I really hope this flub won't make a new rap karaoke game in the future too hard to pursue. Next gen rap!

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