Coming to other platforms?

#1 Posted by YOU_DIED (712 posts) -

Apparently it is, according to this article. Who else is interested in replaying this besides me? Does anyone know if it will be a free patch for the PC version, or will I have to buy the game again?

#2 Edited by Maajin (1149 posts) -

I'll probably just play the regular game again, I still have to get all those damn E-Books for my platinum!

#3 Edited by TheHT (12667 posts) -

I don't think I'll play through it again just to see new boss fights. I still haven't gone through that Missing Link DLC.

They really should release it as a patch though, Witcher style.

#4 Posted by Archer88 (249 posts) -

@TheHT You should play The Missing Link DLC. It has some great characters, a story line the links back to DX:HR as well as the original, and has a great boss fight that shows how they should have been done. If you played the main game a certain way (i.e. stealth, no kills) its a great opportunity to change up your skill selection and play style.

#5 Posted by PillClinton (3358 posts) -

@archer88: Yep, and it's a lot like Minerva's Den (which I love), in that it's essentially a condensed version of the main game, so you can get the gist of the experience in a much shorter, more packed (I'd even say purer) playthrough.

#6 Posted by ThatPrimeGuy (153 posts) -

On one hand I want this for my new WiiU, on the other hand I also hope the PC version gets patched or released as an update/expansion for less or something.

#7 Edited by SunBroZak (1862 posts) -

It might be a while before I replay it, having only just done a non-lethal playthrough late last year. But I'll definitely check it out at some point.

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