Any advice on how to properly compare and evaluate gear?

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This might seem like a odd thing to ask, but honestly I have such a headache conparibg gear and telling what's good, bad, or better for my characters. Like, it goes beyond simple green stat gain or red stat lose. Theyres attach speed, life gain, xp gain, base damage, gold gain, etc. and it's really becoming a headache for telling what's worth equipping over what I have already on. It's the main reason I really don't do auction house. It's just do much to process and compare and such I'm afraid I'll waste gold buying something that's not worth it. I hope that makes sense. Is their any tips, tricks, or advice for proper gauging and contrasting gear or ways to make it less of a headache on me? Thanks.

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The green/red compares tell most of it, stuff like attack speed and increased critical damage is counted in your damage stat on the character screen.

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It's easier just to figure it out based on how you're building your character, because with a limited budget you're going to have to make compromises. Usually the higher the main stat and vit the better. If you're tanking you need more resists and life on hit, and possibly more vit at the expense of your main stat. If you're going for DPS, look for crit chance and damage, IAS, and more main stat. A lot of the other stats are secondary and nice to have, but they shouldn't be your priority.

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