Barbarian only returning class from Diablo 2 or 1.

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Jay Wilson lead designer of Diablo 3 says "the only original class coming back is the Barbarian"   No Pally, No rogue, No amazion, and (the one that makes me say HUH the most) No Sorcerer ! 

I really don't understand this move but hey he did say if the fans want it then maybe in an expantion.

What class do you think would fit in a diablo world?

I would have to say some kind of Priest (could be the new sorcerer)
A Ranger (could be the new rouge/amazion)
A Blademaster, someone that use only swords no duel welding. kind of like a samurai
Or maybe they will make thier own Monk class and say "well it wasn't a blizzard original"

Crazy stuff, to think we will be getting 4 new classes. They really wanted to change it as much as Diablo 2 changed from 1 cause if you think about it the sorcerer was the only class that came back from 1 in 2.

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Demilich said:
"Old news."

Blizzard takes too long. :(
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Demilich said:
"Old news."

I just heard if from a GC interview, when did you hear about this?
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well its still worth wondering what the other 3 classes will be

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Well I'm sure there will be similar classes, like hybrids or more complex versions of their former self.

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No point worrying, Blizzard won't disappoint.

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Ossi said:
"Well I'm sure there will be similar classes, like hybrids or more complex versions of their former self."
Thats what I been thinking.  But there is still room to make brand new classes as well.

Demilich said:
"No point worrying, Blizzard won't disappoint."

I am not worrying just really intrigued to see what they are making.

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