So... added an authenticator, now can't logon

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I either copied it wrong or entered the wrong number. The best things is that the blizzard account help 800 # is jammed with RMAH complaints. So now I'm locked out of my account... Any suggestions?

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You should be able to go through a process that is similar to "I lost my authenticator". I can't remember where it is but I think it is in the FAQ.

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In order to sign up for the SMS stuff to back up the authenticator I would have to log in. Which...

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Are you using an Authenticator-App? If so, have you tried to resynchronise your Authenticator? I once thought I added it wrong, but all I needed to do was to synchronise it again.

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It says sync successful, but it still does the revolving serial numbers. It doesn't show my number.

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What do you mean revolving serial numbers? If you mean a number that changes every ~30 seconds that is 8-digits that is your code. The serial has 14 characters with 3 hyphens. (Or at least mine does. Seems to start with 2 letters for region. i.e. US-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)

In the 'Help' of the mobile authenticator.

'Locked yourself out of your Account?'

'1. If you have the restore code and serial number from the last installation, you can perform a restoration of that installation.'

'2. If you do not have the restore code and serial number from your previous installation, you will need to contact customer support.'

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So i have the Restore code, but I haven't figured out how to use it on Every time I do some recovery link, it just asks my to reset my password. There is no link for authenticator help.

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Plus they want me to send a government issue id...

#9 Posted by Lagaroth (176 posts) -

Yep, hope you didn't use a fake name for your account.

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it won't give you authenticator keys unless it synced with your account properly the first time will it? Are you sure you're using it right? no offense, it just seems like a super foolproof thing to setup.

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