The "How Do You Play?" Poll

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

#2 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Thought it would be interesting to see how the community spend their time with the game.

I'm a D mostly. I play with friends whenever they're online and not busy on their own single player.

#3 Posted by StarvingGamer (9280 posts) -

F. Mostly single player, my play schedule rarely lines up with times when my Inferno friends are on

#4 Posted by Weltal (2301 posts) -

A and B? I play with friends and also single player when they aren't on.

I never play with strangers.

#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Online, yo! I love rolling with a party, even if it's just randoms.

#6 Posted by NicksCorner (452 posts) -

My friends are far ahead of my, sporting 60's when I only just finished first playthrough.

Ive tried a few public games, but it kinda sucks that so few want to communicate. Granted, my experience is only from act 1, but I had hoped for more co-op and synergy between classes. People just seem to rush for next minimap marker.

I guess I had the wrong expectations, I imagined something along the lines of a dungeon instance experience ala World of Warcraft.

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Way too many Diablo threads :/

#8 Posted by el_tajij (816 posts) -

Playing with friends es no.1, but if they're offline the smooth public game joining system allows you to jump into the right game with other people so easily.

I can't imagine playing this game single player. = /

#9 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

I play with my wife or friends (only my close friends, though, because I hate jackasses running ahead) when I can and I play single-player if nobody else is around. I'd much, much rather play single-player than play with strangers though.

#10 Posted by Addfwyn (1983 posts) -

I mostly only ever play single player. Pretty much all of my friends are playing soft core, and I don't trust public games.

#11 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

@Addfwyn said:

I mostly only ever play single player. Pretty much all of my friends are playing soft core, and I don't trust public games.

Hardcore mode with strangers sounds like a recipe for disaster. :)

#12 Posted by Addfwyn (1983 posts) -

@Cincaid: Pretty much, I am petrified about entering a public game and having elite mobs waiting for me in town. It's happened to a few folks already on the HC forums.

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