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Diabolika 2 is a 2003 freeware puzzle game developed by Derek Yu and Jon Perry. It is the sequel to the earlier PC version of Diabolika, (although the first game was subsequently remade and published as an iOS game in 2009.)

In each turn, a number of demons appear randomly on a grid-based game board. The player is given a limited number of explosive creatures and items to place on the board; when ignited, each explosive will ignite neighboring squares in a certain pattern. Once the explosives are placed, the player is given two opportunities to ignite any square on the board. The goal is to use a limited number of ignitions to create chain reactions that will destroy as many demons as possible. After the ignition phase, new demons will appear on the board, the player will have the opportunity to place and ignite more explosives. The game ends when ten or more demons survive a turn.

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