Game is done.

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Hey all,

So I've kept a close eye on Diamond: Trust of London for a while now. A full-fledged cart for the DS, designed by Jason Rohrer? Sold. Thing is, nothing really came of it. Apparently it took the better part of 6-8 months to get the game approved and now Rohrer is having trouble getting the carts manufactured. As always these days, when one hits a roadblock, a kickstarter is created.

Obviously it kind of sucks that the game's done but has nowhere to go. Not sure how many bombers still use their DSes, but this is also the guy behind Inside a Star-Filled Sky, which is a delightfully insane bullet hell shooter. Super interested in whatever he wants to do.

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I chipped in. Hopefully he gets funded. This game sounds like a lot of fun.

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Hey guys, this game is out.

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Has anyone gotten thier copy yet?

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I ordered a copy of this today but being in Canada, I was told it would take 6-12 business days to arrive. I have no idea if I'll like this game or not (I'm not a huge fan of Rohrer's other work) but I think the idea and the drive behind it are important and worth supporting. I've been thinking of getting into some YouTube stuff and would love to do a video of this. I wish there was a way to capture DS footage that didn't require a debug unit. :(

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quick look patrick?

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I'm hoping for Quicklook as well.

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I got my copy in the mail today. Can't wait to fire it up. Wish I had capture gear.

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i dont see it on amazon...

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@ttocs said:

@liako21 said:

i dont see it on amazon...

You have to buy it through his website I believe. Go here:

Bought it that way without problems. Kinda scary that he didn't send any order confirmations or when he dispatched it, but 11 days after purchase it appeared in my mailbox, and I don't live in the US, so seems international shipping wasn't an issue either (guess it may appear faster if you're in the US though).

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