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A classic on Nintendo 64. Sure, Mario Kart 64 was awesome but this was my favourite. Well done Rare! Not so good on Nintendo DS, though. An open world, great soundtrack, great weapons and BATTLE MODE!

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A classic on Nintendo 64. Sure, Mario Kart 64 was awesome but this was my favourite. Well done Rare! Not so good on Nintendo DS, though. An open world, great soundtrack, great weapons and BATTLE MODE!

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Diddy Kong Racing was the only game that my friend had that I didn't have way back then. I loved it so much that I would walk to his house every day and we would play it for hours.

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This game was so bad.  When I was a kid my friend always wanted me to play it and it sucked ass.  Stupid Diddy Kong.

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I loved Diddy Kong Racing!, I always thought it was better than Mario Kart 64. 
It's a shame the DS game is so crap :(

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I loved it too! Man I remember flying the airplane with the rockets! Oh that was fun! Such a fun game back in the day! Thanks for reminding me of this enjoyable gem.

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I remembered playing it for a while but really I was disappointed with it and didn't think it was good enough to play anymore, so I pulled the plug after a couple days.

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I remember that game being REAL dumb, though it looks like I'm alone in that.

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Oh man, I am so glad that I ain't the only one that believes that this is better than the quite frankly ridiciously overrated MK 64.  MK 64 stands at the bottom for me in terms of MK games.   DKR was just more enjoyable and I remember playing with my two cousins in the battle mode back in the day and how much fun we had.  Would have been so great on the DS with online play but too bad they had to go and royally screw it up with that version.

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This game was awesome, the choice of vehicles was great, and the maps were well done. Lots of things to do as well.

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Diddy Kong Racing is one of the greatest racers ever made. Certainly much better than Mario Kart 64 and Crash Team Racing.
Great music too.

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oh man i remember this. The Rivalry with my friends was unparrarleled. 
After everyone got pissed at eachother we'd go back to 4 player goldeneye and be done with.

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I don't have very many words to describe my reverence for Diddy Kong Racing, but damn, a good chunk of my childhood was based on it.

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Loved this game

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This will always have a special place in my heart.

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This was my first video game ever. I lok back with so much fondness and nostalgia. Man! I wish I kept that game.

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wow, after all these years I clould still name all the characters (exept bumper, for some reason)
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@Darro:  Certain things seemed so much different for me in the DS version. Too many new mini-games I guess. Loved battle mode on this and the fun of exploring the world, which in my opinion was a lot better than simply just selecting a track from a menu.
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Ah, Diddy Kong Racing, my first game for the N64.  I loved this game and I remember playing this a lot more than I did Mario Kart 64, even though they're both good.  Still, gotta say, I think Crash Team Racing is the best out of the three.
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@JJOR64: Think he just thought it was too samey of an experience that came out six months after Mario Kart 64. He still ends the review saying it was much better than Mario Kart 64.
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@JJOR64: Sometimes I forget that Jeff was reviewing games when I was a little kid. Weeeird
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@JJOR64 said:

" Jeff didn't like it....... "

If you haven't noticed, the only Kart racer Jeff actually likes is Super Mario Kart, and maybe Crash Team Racing.
But whatever, It's still probably the epitome of the genre (not that that means much) and I would still rather play it than Mario Kart 64 (In fact, I would go as far as to say I would rather play it than Mario Kart Wii.). DS version is junk, unfortunately.
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@Vito_Raliffe:  Haha. Me too. I was only like 6 when Jeff started with GameSpot. At least he doesn't have grey hair - yet. ;)
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Loved the game on the 64, didn't get the love and respect it deserved.

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The best part about this game was battle mode, especially the one called Icicle Pyramid. I would play that map over and over again. I miss the old Rare, they made such great games (i.e. goldeneye, perfect dark and this game just to name a few...)

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