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Divinity 2 is Gold


  When I first started playing this game, I quickly grew board of it and stopped playing it, then for some unknown reason I decided to play it again. I am glad I did. This turned out to be an amazing action adventure game.  Lots of good quests to do, tons of items to buy, later in the game you even own your own Battle Tower and have a large group of people who work for you, from weapon crafters to gathers.  
Oh did I forget to say you can morph into a Dragon, that’s right, a dragon. Playing as the dragon rocks, it’s like a second game added in. My only complaint with the dragon play is you can't attack enemies on the ground when you’re a dragon.  One thing I noticed in the game is, you are never a high enough level for the quest they give you. Hold back on doing the main quest and grind out a few levels first, the game becomes a lot easier.
If you liked the Gothic games you will love this game.

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