Any tips?

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So, I just started playing today and without too much spoilers (cause I think the fun in these games comes from stuff you don't know):

I ran around the first time I played and explored a bit. Well, I explored all there is to explore. I got enough food and stuff from just harvesting what was there, there was no shortage of trees (till I got killed by a treemonster, but I have an idea how to deal with them), I'm just wondering if there is more too this game (well obviously?). Do other characters start on different islands, cause this one was pretty small and there was not much to do. I couldn't build anything usefull cause I couldn't find any monsters to gather silk from and I had the whole map uncovered. I know the maps are random but is this common, that the first character starts on a pretty small, relatively uninteresting island?

Also, how do I use traps?

Game seems fun, I kinda hope that I can build some sort of base at some point but we'll see

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@Abendlaender:You use traps by placing them in an area with the animal you want to trap (Normal traps for bunnies, bird traps for birds etc.) and putting a piece of bait on the trap. Birds like seed, rabbits like carrots etc. You can also put traps in the path of a creature and they can trigger it... I use this method to defeat spiders. Traps are easy to make, I like to place four or five around a spider nest, give it a good whack and lure the spiders into the traps. An excellent way to get monster meat = xp and silk.

Its tempting to try to hoard food, but its so easy to die that its better to spend that surplus food right away for more xp to unlock better items.

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Maps are randomly generated and have nothing to do with the character you chose.

I'd say just experiment. Also, random tip, dig up graves or mounds of dirt with your shovel, and bring the random items you find to the Pig King.

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Heres a tip: DONT STARVE.

I'm hilarious.

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You should set the trap near the rabbit hole and use carrot as a bait. The map contains multiple islands, each island connects to each other by a road (or bridge), run around the map and you find the way to the others

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Try to find and then set up camp on a beefalo island (the ground looks like hay). Unless something changed in the last patch (yesterday I think) they'll be neutral if you never attack them (seriously, don't attack them, you will die. Also, be careful about accidentally clicking on them while holding tools.) and their poop is great for growing food, berry bushes and just using as vendor trash for science points.

Also, you can use them as shields if something starts chasing you. Kite enemies to them if you don't think you'll win the fight.

They snore pretty loud though, it might annoy you after awhile.

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@planetfunksquad said:

Heres a tip: DONT STARVE.

I'm hilarious.

This is an unsound strategy, this guy needs to lrn2play


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