Contest for a free Chrome copy of Dont Starve!!!

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Its pitch black out here on the West Coast, I have my campfire going and accidentely put too much grass in and have subsequently started a massive forest fire that I could surely have avoided.

I also have an extra copy of the Chrome version of Dont Starve. I dont want to just give it out to the first lucky person to see this thread.

Instead until midnight PST I want anyone who wants to be in the contest to post a picture of what they think is the most nutritionally dense food they have in their house along with why you think it is the most nutritionally dense. This can be calorie/cm^3, carbohydrates/g or whatever you think would be the best indicator of nutritional value per volume or weight unit. Basically what would you take out of your house if you knew you needed to survive for the maximum length of time and had limited space.

I will also accept designed food objects. The design must be complete with the nutritional components, storage vessel, preparation instructions and an indication of what it might taste like.

OK, so maybe I made this a bit too short. I'll leave the contest up until midnight tomorrow PST (12/15/12) At that time I'll pick my favorite submission. I will judge on what I believe to be the best taste to nutritional density ratio. Taste of course is my preference.

If others wish to join in and have Chrome keys they can also pick their favorite winners once the contest ends.

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Realized I probably made this too short. So I'll leave it up until tomorrow at midnight PST 12/15.

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i got some fudge cookies. this things will make you gain 10 pounds from just one and they're very fudgey :3

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water + melon

what more could you ask for?

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Alright contest kind of was meh, but whatever free Chrome copy to oulyt.

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@MrOldboy: Nooooo

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@Winternet: Had it up for over a day, response was weak. Expected more for a free copy of a new (in beta still even) game.

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@MrOldboy: I think the "Chrome copy" put some people away, except for the internet lurkers who spend their day searching for things with the words "copy" and "free" on them. Also, it was Sunday.

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I only just found this thread. Damn.

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