Doom 3 BFG Edition Includes All of the Dooms, Other Stuff

#151 Posted by razkazz (182 posts) -

One of my top 5 favorite games ever. This is a dream release for me that I never expected to happen. So excited.

#152 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4028 posts) -

"Entirely black screen and say it is my favorite Doom 3 moment."

#153 Posted by MjHealy (1971 posts) -


#154 Posted by Psykhophear (1138 posts) -

@vinsanityv22 said:

I am pumped for this. Screw the lameness of the Monster Closets, I GENUINELY LOVE DOOM 3.

You and me both. I'm so psyched about this news. Doom 3 is one my favorite FPSs and it'd be awesomely cool if they could port this to the PS Vita as well. I'm curious to know what the graphics will look like with its "improved visuals". Perhaps it's a combination of id Tech 4 and 5 together? XD

#155 Posted by Sdoots (212 posts) -

Doom 3 was a graphical powerhouse then, and while the years haven't been especially kind to it, it still looks pretty damn gorgeous in spots. What I'm interested in seeing is if the base game with Sikkmod (Crazy graphical mod that lets you do things like filter the lighting in a manner emulating the Crytek engine, for example) will manage to look better than an official graphical overhaul.

#156 Edited by avidwriter (670 posts) -

Hype for Doom 4? Man looking at the screenshot I remember when those graphics blew my mind.

#157 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1873 posts) -

The models still seem too smooth for me, but I'll pick up a collection with so many options in it.

#158 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3547 posts) -

Sounds cool, I never played too much Doom 3.

#159 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

Looks like it's going to be $40. I little more than I was hoping for.

#160 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Its 30 bucks on PC

#161 Posted by believer258 (13032 posts) -

I definitely want to play this. I really enjoyed the gimped Xbox version, so I definitely ought to enjoy the full experience plus the expansion plus the new levels.

#162 Posted by JohnLocke (357 posts) -

Just a quick question, does Doom 1 and 2 come with achievments/trophies in this package?

#163 Posted by Rafaelfc (1826 posts) -

@JohnLocke said:

Just a quick question, does Doom 1 and 2 come with achievments/trophies in this package?

if it does I demand a new Breaking Brad, ALL OF THE DOOM!!!!

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