Double Jump in new Prince of Persia

#1 Posted by UrbanGuerilla (114 posts) -

In the new PoP you are helped to jump in mid air by your companion (can't remember name). Anyway I thought this was funny. Them trying to make sense of a double jump. I kicked in the air and jumped twice! lol

#2 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

Eh, at least they're trying something new with it. With all the crazy stuff in those games I think "realism" left the room a long time ago.

#3 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

double jump is my father's mom.

#4 Posted by Brendan (8821 posts) -

Well of course it shows equality in gaming these days, with woman and men double jumping togethor.

#5 Posted by TimeWaffle (967 posts) -

double jumping is just a fact of video games and should never ever be explained

#6 Posted by KillerFly (450 posts) -

It is kind of wierd since they are going for a fantasy vibe with the game.

I think they are just trying to make the AI character seem more useful.

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