I am loving Dragon Age 2

#1 Posted by SilverBulletKY (202 posts) -

The combat is better than the first one and so far I'm having as much or more fun playing it than Origins.  I haven't done any of the main quests yet though, just mostly side quests as there is a ton of them so far, so I can't really comment on how the story is compared to Origins.

#2 Posted by Underachiever007 (2471 posts) -

I'm 15 hours in and I've enjoyed every minute so far. I'm not sure if it's as good as Origins, but It's up there.

#3 Posted by MoonlightMoth (522 posts) -

 I "hope" to be enjoying it tomorrow, when the bloody thing comes out over here in the UK. After all the talk I'm curious to see for myself what effect the changes actually have on my enjoyment.

#4 Posted by project343 (2875 posts) -

I'm enjoying the story and characters more than Origins. Maybe I'm crazy. I also liked Jade Empire. SOOOO.

#5 Posted by thisisdell (61 posts) -

Its good.  I don't like how I can't put armor on my party members.  Oh well.  I can defiantly see the Mass Effect 2 roots. 
But the game is great.

#6 Posted by Eaxis (996 posts) -

I have to say I enjoy it much more than I tought I would. I didn't care much for the demo, but now I'm really liking what they have done.
#7 Posted by Potter9156 (952 posts) -

Yep, liking it a lot. Everything is just snappier; game moves. I'm still pausing and issuing orders, but it just happens faster. I like it. Definitely makes filler combat less of an annoyance. Now if only auto attack was patched in 
Also, I'm stuck with that bitch Carver. boo.

#8 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

It certainly has cool stuff in it, but everything seems a lot less epic then the first game, a couple of well thought characters, but still in the shadow of DA:O :P

#9 Posted by Harbinger_Of_Hippos (234 posts) -

Yeah, I'm really liking it, too. My biggest complaint is (like someone else said) not being able to change my companions' armor. I think there standard clothes have a really high armor rating to make up for not being able to change it, but still...

#10 Posted by Sjosz (489 posts) -
@Harbinger_Of_Hippos: I found that you don't really change their armor look, but the tab in stores with the diamond icon, where you can find runes and things like that also in places have upgrades for companion armor. I'm still in act 1, found 1 or 2 companion armor upgrades.
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I'm liking it, but I have some gripes.
 1:  You can't customize party armor.  
2:  Don't have the alternative weapon sets like in DAO.  My rouge always had a bow on Secondary and I don't like having to carry any unnecessary items.
3:  Enemies keep popping up in battle.  It can get annoying having to fight a third wave of enemies when you're almost dead.
Other than that, it's a blast.  I played for 7 strait hours last night.
Playing on PC, I really miss the overhead camera.

#12 Posted by Bakumatsu (395 posts) -
@project343 said:
" I'm enjoying the story and characters more than Origins. Maybe I'm crazy. I also liked Jade Empire. SOOOO. "
Dude Jade Empire is awesome.
#13 Posted by project343 (2875 posts) -
@Bakumatsu said:
" @project343 said:
" I'm enjoying the story and characters more than Origins. Maybe I'm crazy. I also liked Jade Empire. SOOOO. "
Dude Jade Empire is awesome. "
Completely agree. Most of the internet though... not so much.
#14 Posted by Narx (182 posts) -

Big fan here, the game is way more polished than the first one was. 
Combat is faster, more action and in my opinion better.  There is still a tactical feeling to it in spots.  
After 10 hours of it i can't really understand people that do not enjoy it.

#15 Posted by ComradeKhan (696 posts) -

Great game!

#16 Posted by pubbles (153 posts) -

Jade Empire was amazing. 
I'm  liking Dragon Age 2, although all teh reused resources feel like a budget game almost. If you're going to reuse the dungeon then just section it off and make it seperate, don't show me the other parts of it that I wandered down and then just put an inexplicable solid stone door there.  I also don't like that warriors can't dual wield or be archers. There are a lot of little qualms about this that make it less enjoyable than Origins, but overall still a lot of fun.

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