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After seeing some more videos and reading some more reviews, and after hearing about dragon age 2, decided I want to give this game a go, With games like this story is obviously a big factor, and was wondering how good the story really is, will it keep me engaged in the game for 60+ hours or will it burn out. and I already know my Pc can run the game, but was curious on what settings id be able to run it on, hears what i have. 
OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Quad core Q6600 2.4GHz  (tho have it running at 3.0GHz) 
RAM: 8.0 GB 
Video Card:  GeForce GTX 260

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No idea about the settings as I played on 360, but yes the story is awesome.  I didn't even do any sidequests and my playthrough was 63 hours and some change. It definitely had me hooked the whole time.

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 Shouldn't be a problem, you can probally max it out and get over 30 frames at all times or more. I guess averagely i'm guessing about 35-45 frames or even higher. Yes you will spend like many hours playing it, it's a bioware game. Story is okay, it's good enough.

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I have a GTX260 and a core i5 (overclocked to 3.6ghz) I get 60 on average with AA x16 and whatnot. 
Shouldn't be an issue to you :)

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You should be more than capable of running it at full or near full settings, I wouldn't even worry about it. If you want to play with it, go for it. I personally think the story is great, and the various options to take in the narrative will keep your coming back for more. I would be replaying dragon age right now if my computer could play it without it looking/handling like shit (I have a low end, couple year old laptop, though. Again, your rig should be fine.).
SOMEONE CORRECT ME IF I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, I am by no means the expert in this field.

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I'm pretty sure you can run it at max settings, and yes, the game will keep you engaged.

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Wait i'm running it at max settings, it's getting 60 frames per second on a indoor level, 45 at the lowest, 55 on average. I think you should be able to run it better than me. It shouldn't be a problem. I have to test outside levels. I just never tried it at 8XAA befeore, I guess it works.

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My rig is only about half as good as yours and I ran on med-high settings. With all that ram you should get the HD texture packs on dragonagenexus. The story is good enough that I played through twice and I almost never do that.

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@ChrisOVC: You should be good dude, I would consider my computer pretty average, and yes the story is good and its really alot of fun,  
stratagizing makes the combat way for satisfying then some of your typical "hack and Slash" type games
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Thanks for all the input everyone, gonna be buying on steam shortly. 

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@ChrisOVC: What kind of rez are you running at? That factors into things, however I doubt you will have a problem with that game.
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As for the story, it's a typical BioWare deal. The story is cliche'd and mediocre, but your interaction and conversations with the characters is fucking incredible. That said, if you don't like the combat in the game you probably won't want to continue after 10-15 hours. It's not like Mass Effect where the combat is sort of sparse and straight forward, one fight alone in DA:O can take like 10 minutes depending on how much you pause. Also, some of the bigger dungeons can take you like 4-5 hours to finish.

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@HitmanAgent47: 1920 x 1080
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@sixghost: The longest dungeon i've done so far is ruined temple, and it was kind of cool cuz it felt like it was in real time, when genetivi said man that took a long time i was like yeah it did
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@sagesebas said:

" @sixghost: The longest dungeon i've done so far is ruined temple, and it was kind of cool cuz it felt like it was in real time, when genetivi said man that took a long time i was like yeah it did "

Yeah, that's probably the longest one, and it's fucking like 4-5 hours of nothing but fighting and looting. If you combine all the parts of the dungeon part of the dwarven city, that is probably longer though. That must have taken at least 5-6 hours to get through. Regardless though, the dungeons are tons and tons longer than the combat sequences of ME2.

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