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I finally got around to popping this back in my PC after nearly a year.  (Turns out I had 97 hours in my game.) 
So here's the question though:  Given that DA2 will be out soon, which of the DAO DLC is must have?  Which will have any effect on the character I import?

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Also, what order should they go in? 
I did get Return to Ostagar, Awakening, and Witch Hunt.  I know RtO doesn't matter so much, but if I were to go home today and play one of the other two, which should come first?

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Awakening, witch hunt, leliana's song is the "must haves", but I forget what the rest of the 15 other dlcs are called.  Just buy the ultimate edition, awakening alone is 30-40 dollars.

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Nah, Awakening was $14, even though it says $30 on their site.  And I had Bioware points to blow on the other stuff. 
Is Leliana's Song really worth it?  I was just kinda eh about playing as her.

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Leliana's Song is the best peice of DLC because she is fully voiced. I'd even go as far to say I enjoyed it more then the entire full game, because it truly sucks to play a silent character in such a rich world. In  Leliana's Song's, any dialogue option you choose get's spoken, and that really made me like her character for it too.
Buy it, man.

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Awakening, Leliana's Song and Witch Hunt are your best bets. Golems of Amgarrak is ok, but it can be glitchy...but it does tie into Dragon Age 2...allegedly....

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