The dumbass Dreamcast duder! Help needed with HDTV connectivity

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So after my old man cleared out our family loft this weekend I found all my old consoles just waiting for me. Amongst them was my Dreamcast and of course got straight into hooking it up when I was back to my place.

Only thing is I'm getting terrible bleeding of the image going from the TV output. My TV is a Samsung 6 series (650) so it has no end of inputs and outputs for all connections. I've checked out a few options online but wanted to get the GB community a chance to sound off if anyone has found 'THE thing' that works better than any other box/ Thing to do.

I don't particularly want to mod my Dreamcast cause I'm to worried about breaking it. I should probably also mention that I live in the UK so it would need to work on PAL as well

Cheers in advance duders!

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get a dreamcast AV cable of ebay for £3, i just checked. thats the best you going to do.

if you expecting the dreamcast to look good on your HDTV prepare to be disapointed.

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I'm not expecting it to look good but it will probably be better than the bleeding I've got right now. Its like someone got the smudge tool on Photoshop and went crazy. Thanks for the tip

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I bought a VGA box for my Dreamcast, and connect to my HDTV via a VGA to DVI converter. Looks great, if you're willing to accept these games are about 12 years old.

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I don't wanna buy it but I found this and I had to share it lol XD VIVIFY YOUR BORING MONITOR!

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@Rekt_Hed said:

I like how the picture is hella blurred and that Korean Goku is punching softcore porn.

#7 Posted by Jams (2966 posts) -

@Ravenlight said:

@Rekt_Hed said:

I like how the picture is hella blurred and that Korean Goku is punching softcore porn.

Let V-box brings you to the fairyland throught the window of your monitor.....

That's what it says at the bottom right of the box, right?

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