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Better than expected.

Overall I've heard a lot of negative reviews about this particular port of the game. Now keep in mind i haven't played the free online version so i am reviewing this game as the arcade version only.

Admittedly this game is nothing new. I've been a fan of the brawler genre since TMNT and there isn't a whole lot more this brings to the table, although the loot and rarity system are quite appealing especially as a fan of RPGs. The quests tie in perfectly with the natural progression of the levels you unlock, there is little to no question about what you should be doing at any given time. For some the linear aspect of this game might be a turn off but for a game of this type, its perfectly suited.

I played this game mostly with a couple friends, and online the appeal rises ten fold. Since not many people have purchased this game the matchmaking system is very limited, in fact i was never able to find a game with anyone who wasn't on my friends list. For many games this would be a problem but once again, for the genre, its okay because ive found that the most fun i get out of brawlers are with close friends sitting around shooting the shit as well as playing. For that, the game is great.

The combat although repetitive has a sense of class variation. As the slayer i found myself constantly chaining my skills together in different combos depending on what i was fighting, there is depth, i promise. The final boss is also a great time with friends, the way the game changes everything up at the end leaves you on a refreshing note, making it easier to start the kings road section.

All in all, for the price i enjoyed this game and would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre and has a few friends who are on the same page. But by no means is this a GOTY contender in my book, although a good weekend time waster for sure.


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