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Super Meat Boy with a Broom

If there is one way to describe Dustforce is that it's basically super meat boy with a broom. It's a level based platformer that is focused on speed runs and score. You're graded on your runs by not only how fast you finished but on how much of the dirt and grime you cleaned up and how skillful you were in doing it. Luckily the gameplay is very fluid and really works well on the keyboard. While the controls take awhile to get used to you'll soon be jumping though levels like a knife through butter which is important once the harder levels start popping up. Probably the most striking part of the game is it's wonderfully simplistic hand drawn 2d art which will run on pretty much everything, shitty laptops included. If you like challenging 2d platformers or just need a game your crappy work computer can run you need Dustforce.


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