hanzoadam's ガンダム無双3 (PlayStation 3) review

Great for Gundam fans

The Dynasty warriors Gundam franchise is back again for a 3rd time and this time its better than ever, With a massive number of new Mobile suits and characters as well as a new storyline which involves all characters fro all series as well as the mission mode this game is better than ever before. The game has added new series to the game like Gundam 00, Gundam Unicorn and one of my personal Favourites 0083 Stardust Memory. Anyway onto the review.

Gameplay- Well as I have mentioned before this game includes a new story mode involving all the characters over the different series. There is two different story modes with later link together to fight a new enemy. As well as the story mode there are the normal missions like Collection missions, friendship missions etc. As well as this there is a History mode where you play levels from the original series, these can be played after meeting certain requirements like friendship levels. Which brings me onto the point of friendship levels which was quite annoying in the previous Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. This time around friendship levels count as a whole instead of between 2 characters and can't drop down. There are 5 levels of friendship as they increase you can use the as partners, unlock their mobile suit for all characters and later as an operator.

Which leads to two new features partners and operators. With partners you can choice a character to take with you. You have a bar which fills over time or by collecting a pick ups. Using this summons the Partner which provides support either through an attack or other means. I could never understand what Operators do though so I apologise.

The battlefield has changes the game still has the areas like the original games but this time some are special. Some areas can have special properties like Com bases and Missile bases along with others effects. There isn't many battlefields in this game which is a bit of a down point of the game, but as the battlefield can change with the types of areas it can add some variety.

Graphics- They've taken a new direction in the art style in the game, I think its a lot better personally and more colourful and more detailed.

Soundtrack- Absolute amazing, The soundtrack is amazing it has original tracks from the series remastered. I just hope they put this in the English adaption of the game.

Summary- If your a gundam fan you'll love this game they've really improved the last game which I personally thought was great to begin with. If you weren't a fan of the original games this one is a lot better so I really recommend it. If your not a gundam fan you don't really need much knowledge of the series as its a stand alone game.

+ New Story mode

+ New Graphics

+ Great Soundtrack

+ More Mobile Suits

- Lack of maps to fight on

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