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EA Sports® MMA - Great game! Honest Review!

          I pretty much enjoyed playing this game. The perception of realism was lent by it's moderately paced game speed which worked in near-perfect low contrast to the laws of phsyics. The fighting was pretty stable, not the overly fast-pace gameplay of the THQ® version of MMA digitally assembled into console game (UFC® Franchise). I must admit, I've only played the demo and as many avid gamer should know a demo is a uncompleted version of a video game. Which means that one or two gamers playing the video game should expect major bugs, glitches, and inaccurate game controls. Not in this case, I didn't experience any of that and I played for hours. It seems very fun using the same boxing techiques(yes, you can box in MMA) I used in the Fight Night® series in EA Sports® MMA!

        The game isn't bad at all. I haven't experienced other game modes so please take my review with a grain of salt(yes, very cliche -- sorry guys)! This game is worth its sale price and gamers will enjoy the attractive vibrant colors which project off the trunks, gloves, and T-shirts of all characters models(my personal favorite attribute. I am sure others like it also). Controls are simple, but as complex as grappling would be in  real world MMA situation - A control mechanicism which can be toggled with via the control menu  between one button or use of analog controls. I've played it for both the PlayStation® 2 & Xbox® 360 - both basically the same.

       I would recommend EA Sports® MMA any interested in fighting games that have realistic mechanics, diverse fighting styles, and solid not-so-overly-repetitive gameplay then select EA Sports® MMA. Thank you all for reading. You can find out more about me at my official blog and The Yababa Show™. Links are listed below, have a stress free day!

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Official Blog - http://www.YababaWorld.com
The Yababa Show™- http://youtube.com/user/yababavideo

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