Has anyone else checked this game out?

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So I bought this game yesterday on a whim because it is 99 cents. From the 2 hours I've played of it I think it is really fun. It's a simple card game akin to Magic or Yugioh. Here's the gist of the game from what I've seen so far:

-Your deck can only have a maximum of six cards but how you place those cards is important for effects and strategy. You also get the ability to choose a field bonus which boosts some monsters abilities.

- There is a single player mode where you gain cards after battles.

-The online component is a bit more complicated from what I can tell. There are online battles in which you must use tickets in order to play and if you win a match you get cards. You only get 10 tickets, so 10 matches, and the only way to get more tickets is if you pay or if you participate in a tournament which is free to enter. To earn tickets in the tournament you have to place within the top 85% which is extremely easy, I'm at 73% after losing 5 in a row.

-You can also play friends for free and buy booster packs if you want but from the people I've talked to who beat me with some amazing cards they just got the cards by playing the single player.

- Full set of trophies for those interested. Yes that's right you can get a platinum from a 99 cent game.

If your into card battling games I say check this out as it's only 99 cents. Maybe if enough people are interested we can do a GB tournament type thing.

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Sorry for the bump I added some stuff to my first post, I didn't know this game had a full set of trophies.

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Maximum of 6 cards? I have no idea how a card game can be played like that. I thought luck was a key part in CCGs. Maybe I haven't seen enough of them... who knows.

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@SuperWristBands said:

Maximum of 6 cards? I have no idea how a card game can be played like that. I thought luck was a key part in CCGs. Maybe I haven't seen enough of them... who knows.

Sometimes you don't even want all six card slots being used. Your deck has a mana limit, the actual number escapes me. Each monster has a mana cost to it. As you add more monsters to your deck you use whatever mana you'd start with in a match. Mana is how you activate your cards special abilities and you gain mana throughout the match. So for example you might have reached the mana cap with a deck of 6 monsters, 3 face up and 3 face down, but I may only have 3. You would start out with less mana, probably 1 or 0, and I would start out with more, while you outnumber me I will probably have more of an opportunity to activate my monster's special abilities.

*If it sounds complicated it's because I explained it poorly. The game is dead simple for anyone who has played a card game before.

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I have been playing this game nonstop since it was free for PS+. I would have paid the .99 to buy it if I had known about it.

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I got it for free from PS+ and tried it. My total experience with CCGs is the tutorial and first battle of Magic: Duels of the plainswalkers which was also free on PS+ and the first 2 battles in this. Neither seems to be of any interest to me but I have 6 or 7 RPGs to play through right now and about 12 PS+ games that I have in a folder named Unplayed. I did enjoy it more than Magic but I don't see myself having the time to play a game like this.

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So I bought this free and ended up buying a bunch of boosters because I didn't do a very good job of reading (I thought I was buying like predetermined sets of 24 cards with each pack, not 24 random packs lol). I've actually been enjoying the game so far. Just got the water town. If anyone wants to play against another actual person my PSN name is 'dkinuyasha' .

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