Endless Ocean gives me panic attacks

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I mean, I really enjoy the game and all, but there is just something deeply unnerving about it at times. Being in the wide open, nothing but blue around you for as far you can see, with the occasional flicker of movement, the occasional shadow just beyond sight. There are few games out there which so deftly combine cute little fish and the irrational terror of "oh God, something is going to come up from below and kill me."  
Not to mention just the pants-browning terror one can feel as they have to dive into the abyssal plane, with nothing but a tiny flashlight which gives you a mere cone of light for things (already terrifying by virtue of living in the goddamn Abyss) to flit and pass just out of your field of vision through. I won't lie, the sperm whale has snuck up on me and scared me out of my seat.

This, despite there being no true way to be harmed. Blue World, really, almost made the traumatic stress worse by actually creating things which can visit violence upon you. And also making a gigantic great white shark that you have to get trivia on to fulfill those terrible completionist disorders.
Still, am I the only one whose played the game and found they apparently had an undiagnosed case of hydrophobia?

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