Fallout 3 and Fallout NV plus all DLC for only $16.00

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If you haven't checked out these games or maybe you just want to see what the whole Mod scene is about, you can snag the both of them on Steam for only $16.00. And that's not $16.00 a piece. The whole caboodle comes to only $16.00... pretty good deal.

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16.98, actually.


Um... well, I am a bit short on money... but damn, that's really fucking cheap... I've already got them on 360... my laptop could never run them admirably enough... but I'll eventually have a computer that can... but there's a Christmas sale coming soon enough and I'll have more money then... but...

Shit. Now this is going to be wracking my brain all day with indecisiveness and no matter what I do, I'll feel bad when it's all over. Thanks a lot, OP.

EDIT: Fuck, I bought it. Now I'm seventeen dollars short and I've gotta take up my bandwidth all night.

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That's amazing, but I already have all that...

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They were EVEN CHEAPER during the Steam Summer Sale if one's mind can even comprehend that!

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Yeah, I lucked out with the Steam Summer Sale because I never had played either of them. I already owned Fallout 3: GOTY from another sale, but picked up Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for $10. I just finished Fallout 3's main story line the other night and can't wait to get through all the DLC and side quests to start on Fallout: New Vegas! After these two, I will continue with Skyrim. I started a character and got through the first opening so when it's time to start playing, I can dive right in.

I am JUST getting into the RPG scene and have no clue why I never got into it before. Bethesda does some seriously awesome work with these games.

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