President Kimball's speech quest bug

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So I've been trying to complete this quest any way possible, and he either stands next to his vertibird doing nothing endlessly or he runs into a random room and just explodes. I've tried only disarming the bomb, only taking out the sniper and stopping the engineer from knifing him and every combination of them, even when I stop all 3 he just runs into the same room and explodes. Google is not helpful, anyone have this happen to them? Any ideas on how to fix it, I guess I could just use a console command to force complete the quest.

Edit: Nevermind, just did it again only stopping the sniper and it worked suddenly. Tried to delete this post but nothing happened.

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If President Kimball finishes his speech and successfully makes his way back up to his vertibird, he may start walking endlessly against the ledge of the roof of the visitor center away from the vertibird, and never leave. To fix this, talk to Ranger Grant regarding the bomb or the sniper, and this will initiate the escape sequence for President Kimball, forcing him to depart in his vertibird

from the wiki....if that's not it just use console commands.

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