Should I download the patch?

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I just got the Xbox 360 version of New Vegas for X-mas and am wondering how much better the game is with the patch. Should I download it?

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Yes. Its worth waiting for the download to finish to have a patched up game. 

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yes. It doesn't fix all glitches but it helps a lot, you can play through the game with a greater peace of mind.

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of course!

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@Raymayne said:
" Obviously. What a stupid fucking question, Merry Christmas you moron. "
this is mean but it made me f'n laugh out loud. 
and yes, unless you like your fallout as borked as possible, download the patch. 
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Not sure why you wouldn't. 

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@Raymayne said:
" Obviously. What a stupid fucking question, Merry Christmas you moron. "
And that is a very Merry Christmas from Giantbomb. 
Welcome to the site :)
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@Raymayne: Calm down dawg. I don't have internet right now and was wondering if the game was still decent without the patch. The miscommunication was my fault, but its no excuse for you to be rude.
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It adds an annoying anti cheat feature at the casinos. That's the only thing that bugged me from the new patch.

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