Impressive game. What about lenght?

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I've just purchased it in the local Wonder Goo store for just 1,980 yens (19 bucks) and became totally surprised on how good this game seems to be, despite mostly negative reviews.
The graphics are just gorgeous and the gameplay is just fun. The approach to realism is superb. Sure, this games isn't The Darkness or something like and seems to be absolutely honest about the lack of strong story to drive the way through. It's all about doing hollow stuff  that ends with you popping dudes, like the classics.
Could be better? Still to play the game that couldn't be better in one or other way. The Darkness, for example, aside from being an excelent story-driven kind of first-person-talker, almost lack any shooting mechanic to stick with. Thinking that we could just merge some of them.
So, played it for 2 hours and realized that the game is not that big and aparentely is not that lenghty. Reading some reviews left me with the impression that it stoles 30/40 hours, being kind of an epic FPS, rarely these days of online focus and 5 hours campaigns, and something that I really care about. How much time to spend in the single-player campaign?

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