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I am yet another one of those people who is just sick of driving freaking everywhere. I think Ubi should have done a much better job of this. Either making the buses have more spots to go to or making there be a quick travel option. If anything just make it so we dont have to deal with the same guard post every 5 minutes we stay away from it. Traveling needs to be more streamlined.

But, since it isn't has anyone found ways to more easily get around.

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I don't know how'd you take this but i take the bus alot and drive not too much.

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The only problem is the damn gaurd posts. You clear it out, go around the corner and it's swarming again. And it seems like there is one around every damned corner. It just takes you out of the experience and takes away from the fight when you get where you are going because the objective turns out to be the exact same thing you just did 7 times trying to get there.

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yeah i don't mind the driving bit its actually entertaining its just that I get sick of having to stop every two minutes and have a 5 minute battle only to come back two minutes later and do it all over again. It also destroys my ammo supply so i am always looking for more ammo which is a chore.

On the bus stops yes they are usefull but they also happen to be surrounded by guards most of the time so you have to fight your way out through a jeep first which is annoying only to proceed to force your way through one of the perimeter check points

there is a quick and dirty solution that ubi could have put in easily which also would have compelled gamers to do much of their own driving. BRING BACK THE TAXI MAN! think about it he could charge diamonds for distance and he would bypass the check points and just take you to the safe house of your choosing. Hell he could even have his own damn missions and storyline.

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Coldfront said:
On the bus stops yes they are usefull but they also happen to be surrounded by guards most of the time

You know, I've never had that ever happen to me. Most there's ever been is a car on patrol with a single occupant or assault vehicle with the usual two guys and I put in over 40 hours doing everything in the game and since you usually spawn inside the building at the bus stop they don't even see me most of the time, maybe I'm just lucky?

Your idea about the taxi guy is good though, cost depending on either distance or number of guard posts he'll have to go through (bribe the guards type reasoning). After the intro I hoped that there was going to be something like that, would have been good to do a little sight seeing and show off the game world a bit and maybe allow for one or two scripted roadside events and things going on along the way with the militia oppressing citizens and such, not missions though, I just mean some things to look at on the journey like with the intro.
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For me it's not the guards that are the problem. I like having stuff to shoot. The problem is that the cars are damn slow!
But this is just nitpicking. I just finished Far Cry 2 and am very satisfied. Now I just need to reload my save and finish the rest of the achievements.

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with the taxi it would be like gta where you have to watch so that it doesn't tottally lessen the experiance I think that would be interesting. But maybe you could pay more to quick load

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Travel is certainly an issue in Far Cry 2.  You drive across half the map to do a buddy mission and your buddy gives you a mission that's the other side of the map.  No quick travel at all and the buses are a disappointment.  I thought it I would have at least been able to see the bus or my character get on the bus but nothing, just fade to black and a loading screen.

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I was using the bus a lot in act one, and it seemed like it was an easy drive from the bus stops to the main mission areas, but on the second map, it seems like the drive from the stations to the mission areas were all just as long as driving from the center of the map. I have found the rivers to be a much faster way of getting around in act two.

I agree that the cab would have been the best solution. I did a ton of driving around in GTAIV, but toward the end of the game as the map grew, especially when moving from one side of the city to another, I found myself using taxis more and more.

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I don't mind the driving, or the boating for that matter.  I rather enjoy tooling down the rivers in the boats actually.

What I do mind are the instantly respawning guard posts that I have to fight through constantly on my travels back and forth between missions.  This has got to be the #1 complaint about this game on the internetz and if Ubi doesn't change it in a patch they're retarded.

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Use the rivers, less guard posts less annoying.

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